SEO for Accountants

Any accountant looking to generate more leads and build business has to think about search engine optimization.

That’s because the research-backed strategy that an accountant SEO company can provide has the potential to dramatically increase website traffic — and, by extension, business profits. The only problem? Type “accounting firm” into Google and you’ll find more than 300 million results. How can you compete? That’s why, more than ever in this saturated market, you need the support of a skilled, results-driven accountant SEO agency.

Can Prospects Easily Find You Online?

Step one in effective SEO is thinking like a prospective client. When he or she goes online to find accountants in your area, will your website appear in search results? Since most users will click through only the first few entries, it’s vital for financial providers to rank high if they’re going to capture a ready audience of clients.

What Goes Into Quality Accountant SEO Services?

While you may be able to build a basic website, knowing how to optimize that website for search can be tricky. This is where a professional accountant SEO firm comes in handy. To be most effective, professional SEO for accountants will include these key components:

  • In-depth knowledge of accounting and finance authority websites, in order to target quality link generation, which drives the majority of SEO results
  • Responsive web design with a clear hierarchy of content that communicates well with search engines
  • Keyword research to determine which accounting or financial terms (i.e., “accounting firm in (your city)”, “(specialty) accountant” are most worth targeting with content
  • A detailed content marketing strategy that both builds credibility online and gets the attention of search engines
  • Cohesive branding that reflects the firm’s values
  • Clear contact info that communicates to search engines where your firm is located for both search results and mapping


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