Assisted Living Web Design Company

When seniors or their loved ones are looking for a local assisted living facility, they have lots of options. Centers and caregivers must find a way to show the value of their services in order to attract new clients.

When seniors and/or their families are exploring possibilities for long-term care, one of the first places they’ll likely turn to is the Internet. That’s why, for home health aides, retirement centers and other assisted living businesses, working with an assisted living web design company is so important. You get one chance to make a first impression on potential clients — with the help of a professional assisted living web design agency, you can make it a good one.

The Purpose of Good Assisted Living Website Design

Assisted living web design services are about more than creating an online brochure—they’re about building a marketing tool that can generate leads and create new business. Good design ensures that when visitors find your site, they’ll get the information they need, quickly and easily.

What to Avoid in Effective Assisted Living Website Design

Creating the kind of assisted living site that converts is as much about knowing what to avoid as it is about knowing what to include. When you work with a professional assisted living web design firm, you’ll learn that certain elements are counterproductive in websites. For example, to achieve the best results, you want to avoid:

  • Auto-scrolling slider images that distract and discourage conversions
  • Stock photos that could be found anywhere online and don’t tell visitors anything about your business
  • Huge chunks of text that aren’t easily scannable with headlines, subheads, bold text, etc.
  • A formal writing style that feels less personal and more unapproachable to the average reader


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