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In a world where over-the-phone customer service is integral to client satisfaction, the need for call centers are on the rise. That means businesses looking to partner with call centers now have more possibilities than ever from which to choose.

Long before a prospect contacts your call center about a possible collaboration, he or she has probably already formed an impression about your business. It generally takes one quick visit to your website for someone to gain the information needed to decide whether or not to work with you. Who gets new business — you or a competitor — depends largely on your choice of call center web design services geared toward helping you with website design made to generate leads and build business.

The Power of a First Impression

Research shows that a prospect’s first visit to your site is the best chance to make him/her a customer (subsequent visits decrease the chance that you make a sale). Your website design will either attract or turn off that prospect — therefore, creating a website that makes a strong first impression is important. A professional call center web design company can help you build a site that functions as a 24/7 marketing tool — helping you generate more leads that result in more clients.

Here are some best practices for call center websites that reach their target audiences and generate more business.

Responsive Design for Optimal Web Viewing

If you design your website for only a desktop viewing experience, you’re missing opportunities. Many prospects will visit your site via smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., and you want their experiences to be as good as those of desktop users. Through responsive design, your website adapts to the device — ensuring a better user experience for all involved.

Simple Navigation to Create a User-Friendly Viewing Experience

A professional call center web design firm will advise that your website’s navigation needs to be simple in order for users to quickly and easily find information. Avoid clever labels, stick to six or fewer main items, and make the “contact” link the last item on your navigation menu. Likewise, your navigation should be consistent across all website pages to enable a more intuitive user experience.

Clear Calls to Action

If the main purpose of your website is to generate leads, you want clear calls to action, encouraging visitors to contact you. Place calls to action on the home page, beneath persuasive copy and throughout your site. Likewise, have your phone number and contact page linked throughout the site to make it simple for prospects to know how to reach you.


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