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An aching back, a sports injury, a pulled muscle or chronic neck pain — all of these are symptoms that send people to search engines, looking for chiropractor care.

A person who’s searching online for help is often ready to book an appointment. In that window of time in which someone wants chiropractic care and is deciding where to go, you have a unique opportunity to capture a new client.

Will your practice be the one people find when they’re searching for chiropractors in your area? Or will it be your competitors who get the call? Part of what determines the answer is effective SEO.

A Better Way to Increase Traffic and Capture New Leads

A chiropractor SEO company can help you make the most of your online presence so you can attract more visitors organically. Backed by an understanding of the market, it will be able to strategize and plan a comprehensive SEO campaign that gives you better ROI. Professional chiropractor SEO services may include:

  • Content creation: It’s not enough to start a blog or write a home page. Effective content creation means knowing how much to write, what words to include and how to make the most of images and media. Having a chiropractor SEO agency on your side can make all the difference for your content’s authority.
  • Keyword research: Words/terms such as “chiropractor” or “back pain” are enormously popular, making them hard to target in search. More specialized terms, such as “chiropractor in (your city)” or “(your specialty) chiropractor” may be more lucrative. Based on your location, services and goals, a chiropractor SEO firm can determine which terms make the most sense to target.
  • Localization of content: Today’s Internet users are often on the go, researching from their smartphones. A prospective patient could be a few miles away, searching for the closest chiropractic care. This is where localization of content matters. By using specific strategies to tell search engines your office location and what areas you serve, you become more likely to rank well and get mapped for customers in your community.
  • Link building to increase online authority: While approximately 25 percent of SEO is on-site optimization, the other 75 percent involves off-site efforts. Link building is all about increasing the quality and quantity of sites pointing back to yours, so you are more credible and authoritative in the eyes of search engines.

Benefits of Chiropractic SEO

Any chiropractor who wants to increase business can’t afford to ignore SEO. That’s because the better your SEO strategy, the more traffic — and the more traffic, the more leads. Here are some benefits that come from savvy chiropractic SEO services:

  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Greater credibility online
  • Higher placement in search engines
  • New lead generation
  • Increase in patients


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