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Every church wants to grow its congregation. The more people who participate, the more people can be reached with its meaningful programs and messages. But in a society where most people don’t attend church regularly, if at all, knowing how to attract new visitors can be challenging. This is where church marketing comes in handy.

For any religious organization looking for a better way to draw guests and build community, there are a lot of advantages that come from working with a church marketing company. Through strategic, data-driven church marketing services, a congregation can know how to find and target prospects so it can reach them more effectively and experience continual growth.

Building a Cohesive Brand

Too many churches make branding an afterthought — something that gets attention in spare time, not a philosophy that drives all its communications. The fact is, however, branding plays a prominent role in good marketing for churches. Everything from signage to slideshows during a sermon figures into the overall impression a church is communicating. That impression can affect how visitors feel about the church, and whether or not they want to return.

What can a church do to build its brand? The first step is to work with a church marketing agency that can nail down exactly what defines and determines that brand. What is most important about the church? What is its personality? What makes it stand out? How can these things be communicated in images, logos, content, etc.? These are questions a church marketing company specializes in answering, giving a church a solid foundation for all outreach efforts.

Powerful Types of Church Marketing Services Used Today

While the specific combination of marketing strategies for a given church will vary, there are some common methods that are popular and successful. For the church that enlists the support of a professional church marketing agency, its custom marketing plan may include services such as:

  • Internet Marketing: When someone is looking for a church, he or she is most likely to go online to research. This is why web design and search marketing (SEO and PPC) are so powerful — they create an easy-to-use resource for finding information about everything from ministry philosophy to service times. A church marketing firm will have professionals on staff to design and build a strategic online marketing campaign that generates leads and helps a church convert them into visitors.
  • Mail Campaigns: From direct mail sent to attendees and prospects to email marketing campaigns that target different groups of people with relevant messaging, mail is a great way to reach people in their homes and inboxes. A professional marketing agency knows how to make the most of these strategies in order to deliver a better return on investment for the church.
  • Community Events: Hosting events that are open to the local community can be a great marketing tool for a church, too. Whether it’s giving away meals or throwing a block party, a church has a chance to attract locals and build connections in fun, comfortable and informal settings. One way a church marketing firm can help with this strategy is through branded materials such as pamphlets, business cards, signage, etc. — all of which reinforce the church’s message and brand.

These options are among many strategies that can be useful in church marketing.


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