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Every church wants to grow its congregation. The more people who participate, the more people can be reached with its meaningful programs and messages. But in a society where most people don’t attend church regularly, if at all, knowing how to attract new visitors can be challenging. This is where church marketing comes in handy.
  • Most prospects will look for area churches online.
  • The websites that appear at the top of search results will receive the most traffic.
  • What your church website says about programs, staff, etc., will greatly influence whether or not the visitor comes to your church.

What do these realities mean for your church today? Simply put, when you want to grow your attendance and connect with a greater number of individuals in your community, you need to think about your online presence. A church SEO company can help you build the kind of website and online reputation that not only draws visitors to your doors after they go to your site, but also brings visitors to your site in the first place. This way, you have more opportunities to connect with your community.

On-Site Optimization: Building a Website Search Engines Love

Step one in better SEO is building a keyword-optimized, strategically organized, responsive website. A professional church SEO firm can help you do this with church SEO services catered to you.

  • Keyword optimization: Half the battle with keyword optimization is knowing what keywords to target. You can have pages of well-written content, but if they don’t contain the right keywords — phrases that prospects type in search engines — you won’t reach your audience. A professional church SEO agency will research the market to know what keywords have the greatest potential for high ROI. Then, it can help you build webpages and blog posts to target those terms.
  • Proper website hierarchy: As smart as search engines are, they aren’t people. That’s why you need to organize your website strategically, to help search engines understand how content is linked, what pages are part of specific categories and how that content can help searchers online.
  • Responsive web design: Whether someone is visiting your town and searching for a local church on his or her smartphone, or someone who lives in the community is hunting for a church on the go, responsive web design makes all the difference in your ability to reach that person. Basically, responsive design ensures that your website works properly on both desktop computers and mobile devices. This allows you to reach prospects on their phones, and helps communicate credibility to search engines.
  • Link-building campaigns: While about 25 percent of SEO is on-site optimization, the rest is related to off-site factors like link-building. In other words, search engines want to see that your site is valuable enough for other sites to mention and link to it. The better the sites linking to yours, the better your authority becomes.

As a church that desires to reach out to the community and connect with more prospects, you can’t afford to ignore SEO today.


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