Cleaning Company Website Design Agency

When people need their home or office cleaned, the first place they likely will go is the Internet to find local cleaning companies. A professional, polished website that builds trust and guides people to book with your company is a proven method for luring potential customers. The key to a website that converts site visitors into customers is overall website design, which a cleaning web design agency can help with by building a site containing the right elements to increase conversions.

Focus on User-Friendly Elements

Cleaning company website design should focus on site visitors. Your goal is to instantly connect with prospects and eventually turn them into customers. In order to get people to click the “book now” button, your site has to be user-friendly. Some elements that make for a positive user experience include:

  • Fast page loading
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Easy-to-read, informative text
  • Mobile-friendly or responsive design

A primary focus of your cleaning web design company should be to make the website as user friendly as possible, which should help convert more effectively.

Make Contact Information Clear

In order to become a customer, website visitors must be able to contact your company to book cleaning services. These prospective customers are typically in a hurry. They will click away to the next cleaning company if they cannot find your website’s contact information quickly. Your website design needs to have contact information and hours, if applicable, clearly displayed on all pages. Also, a call to action with an online booking option should be prevalent on all pages. Making site visitors work to find such critical information will drive them away — possibly to your competition. So, work with your cleaning web design firm to ensure the contact information is clearly positioned.

Build Trust With Social Proof and Validation

Before people will do business with a particular cleaning company, it helps them to see that others are happy with the services provided. This is done through social proof, elements that show customer satisfaction. While positive reviews are helpful, many customers are skeptical until they know the reviews are legitimate. Therefore, when possible, link to reputable third-party review sites (such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau, etc.) to enhance your credibility.

Use Carefully Selected and Strategically Placed Images

Images are a necessity in website design for cleaning companies. Photos of clean homes, or of cleaning professionals using their supplies — anything that showcases your company culture — can be effective, provided the images are clear, bright and strategically placed on the site. Consider displaying “before” and “after” photos that feature cleaning jobs well done.


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