Clothing Marketing Company

Whether you make or sell clothing, you understand the value that comes with Internet marketing — and how it helps make people aware of your products. If you are struggling to get people to like or buy your products, you may need to take a closer look at your online clothing marketing efforts.

Here are some strategies you can implement when  employing marketing for clothing companies.

Showcase Your Products on Your Own Website

You can try to sell your clothing through Facebook or sites such as Etsy, but you will need a dedicated, branded website if you are going to take your online marketing to the next level. This improves your company’s level of professionalism that hopefully will instill trust in potential buyers. Talk to a clothing marketing company about web design services to ensure your website is easy to navigate, merges well with your online store and can be mobile-friendly. Use bright, professional images of your clothing so people can clearly see what they are browsing/buying.

Target Keyword Searches

When someone is in the market for a new shirt or dress, and they don’t already have a retailer in mind, they will likely go online to search. You want your company to be the one they find. This involves two strategies: SEO and PPC.

SEO (search engine optimization) involves keyword research, website modifications, content and link building to make it appealing to search engines. A clothing marketing firm can implement proper SEO techniques to keep your website — and its product offerings — high on search page results.

PPC (pay per click) is a way to push your website to the top of search engine results. With this form of advertising, you bid for keywords that you wish to target. People will see your ad when they search those keywords. If they click, you get a new visitor — and are charged for the click. By incorporating PPC with a solid SEO strategy, your traffic will increase by people who are searching for the type of clothing you sell.

Use Email Effectively

People shopping for clothing are always looking for sales and coupons, so this is one industry where email marketing campaigns are highly effective. Offer your customers exclusive discounts or rewards programs when they sign up for your email newsletter, then periodically send them coupons or exclusive sales announcements. If they like the clothing you sell, you will see quite a bit of traffic from these emails.

Don’t Neglect Content

When it comes to marketing clothing, it’s easy to think pictures and an online store are all you need. Content can be helpful, too. Adding a blog, and using that content to highlight pieces in your collection, will help encourage more people to buy your items. It will also help boost your SEO efforts and encourage social sharing, which brings even more traffic to your site. Working with a clothing marketing agency will help you create a strategic plan for clothing-related content.


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