Computer Repair Web Design Company

Sooner or later, it happens — the crash, the blue screen of death, the malware alarm, the frozen screen or the overheated shutdown. But you know how to fix it all. You’re the computer repair guy. And, naturally, people will look for you online.

You understand the technical side of computers inside out, but website design is a different animal. You could let your in-house team build your site, but maybe you need a computer repair web design company to build a kick-butt site that really gets you noticed.

Attract the Audience You Want to Serve

If you hire a computer repair web design firm, choose one that understands your target audience. Do you work with seniors who don’t want to lug desktop machines into a shop? You’ll want to call attention to services such as house calls and computer literacy classes. If corporate settings interest you, tell them how online diagnoses and repairs can save them time and money.

Show Off Your Style

A visually appealing, clean and simple design is best for computer repair websites. Here are some best practices to incorporate into your computer repair website design:

  • An original logo that doesn’t include clichéd and outdated dragons and wizards
  • Big, bold graphics and photos that tell your unique brand story
  • Concise information about your business in clean, easy-to-read fonts
  • Large, brightly colored call-to-action buttons that make it easy to contact you

Serve Them Where They Are

Broken computers are frustrating! Don’t further frustrate your potential customers by making them search for your contact information, hours, location or pricing. If they can’t locate your information within the first few seconds, you’ll probably never hear from them. Make it easy for customers to contact you with a mobile-responsive website design that incorporates highly visible, easy-to-use contact tools, such as:

  • A live chat box for quick questions
  • Click-to-call phone numbers
  • Click-to-email addresses
  • Links to social media accounts
  • Contact forms for more information or to set appointments

It’s especially important that your site be mobile-friendly. Your computer repair web design agency can build you a fast-loading, mobile-responsive site that will assure your visitors that you are up to speed with industry trends, as well as making you accessible to customers whose desktops are on the fritz.

Teach Them the Basics

Educated customers are more likely to become loyal customers who trust you and want to return for future service. Your computer repair web design firm should incorporate these key components into your website design:

  • Add a blog to keep readers up to date on viruses and malware, antivirus and security tools, new developments in software and hardware, how-to instructions for minor repairs, etc.
  • Include pricing guides so customers know what to expect when they receive their bills. Free follow-ups, 30-day warranties and discount rate retainer plans are practices that encourage customer loyalty.
  • Offer an email opt-in for monthly newsletters with in-depth articles and reviews. Throw in coupons for discounted checkups or software updates. Give away a thumb drive to the first 10 sign-ups. Pique their interest, and they’ll stick around.
  • Add testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust with new customers.
  • Write a Frequently Asked Questions page to build your credibility.

Your customers and prospects want to know that their computer equipment — along with their confidential information — is safe in your hands. A great website that highlights your skills, integrity and competence will go a long way toward building your reputation as the go-to computer repair guy in your area so you can bring in more business and increase sales.


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