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Residential and commercial contractors experience seasonal fluctuations, market downturns and “feast-or-famine” conditions. Success hinges on building a large pipeline of leads to maintain strong revenues year in and year out. This can be accomplished with the right combination of lead generation marketing tactics.

How to Use Marketing for Contractors to Attract New Business

Every contractor who has been in the business a while knows the importance of generating new leads. When one contract ends, another needs to begin in order to avoid lulls in business and lapses in income. That’s why contractor marketing is more than a good idea; it’s a necessity. Savvy contractors know they need to do whatever it takes to get their brand and services in front of prospects — so they can make connections, win bids and stay busy. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips on marketing for contractors.

1. Create a Website That Converts Leads. In today’s Internet-centric world, it’s no surprise that a quality website is crucial. It’s where prospects will often go first to learn more about a contractor, and has all the potential to attract or discourage a sale. For this reason, the design needs to highlight work and accomplishments, provide answers to prospects’ questions, highlight the contractor’s brand, and most importantly, provide consistent display across various devices. A contractor marketing agency is a good resource for creating a mobile-friendly, responsive website that will work consistently on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

2. Take Advantage of Internet Marketing. Using a contractor marketing company to create a good website is only the first step of Internet marketing. In order to ensure that the website is attracting visitors and converting leads, several other services come into play, from search engine optimization (SEO) to email marketing. Ideally, contractors work with a contractor marketing agency that can look at their individual branding and create a strategic marketing plan catered to them.

3. Attract Visitors Through SEO. Contractors can harness the power of search engines by incorporating professional SEO into their marketing strategies. Far more than mere keywords, quality SEO involves strategy, optimization, content creation, content marketing and more — all aimed at creating new leads to grow a business. Working with a professional contractor marketing company can help a brand make the most of this service, in order to achieve the best results.

4. Use PPC to Generate New Leads. Another great way to promote contracting services is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which can get a company out front in search results, and when done strategically, boost lead generation and revenue. A contractor marketing firm will emphasize the importance of research, strategy and monitoring to do this well.

5. Think Beyond Internet Marketing, Too. While the Web represents a huge marketing opportunity for contractors, it is not the only resource. Many offline efforts are likewise useful, from local advertising to tradeshows to marketing events. Working with a dedicated contractor marketing firm can help brands promote their messages in the best and most efficient ways.


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