Dental Website Design Company

Competing in today’s dental industry is no easy task. Patients have plenty of options — will your practice stand out?

When people in your city look for a dentist, the first place they often find you is on your website. In those moments, they’ll form an impression of your practice that determines whether or not they contact you. This is why working with a professional dental web design company to build a strategic dental website design is so important. You may get only one chance to turn prospects into patients — and the right dental web design services can make the difference.

What a Dental Web Design Agency Offers

A professional dental web design firm is a company that specializes in helping dental practices build business through quality dental website design. With the help of web design professionals, you can turn your website into a powerful 24/7 marketing tool — one that communicates the differentiators of your business and draws new patients to your practice.

Distinguishers of Good Dental Web Design

To give you an idea of what goes into the kind of dental website that generates real results, here are a few hallmarks of good dental web design:

  • Design reflective of your office. Good dental website design communicates your office atmosphere as much as it does your services. Patients should get a general sense of what they’ll experience at your location, so they feel comfortable scheduling an appointment.
  • Responsive design that works on all devices. You can count on the fact that prospects will search for you on more than just desktops or laptops. For this reason, the mobile viewing experience needs to be just as easy and intuitive as the traditional one. What’s more, it needs to be optimized in such a way that contacting you via phone call is a one-click process.
  • Clear mapping and directions. Your site should make it obvious where your office is located and how prospects can get there. This is especially true for the mobile site, which may be what prospects see when they’re trying to find you.
  • Simple, mobile-friendly navigation. Typically speaking, your site should have no more than six main navigation tabs in order to optimize the viewing experience for prospects. Consolidate your content into main groupings — or talk to your dental web design agency about how to do so.
  • Easy-to-find answers. Who is your dentist (or dentists)? What services do you offer? What can someone expect on a first visit? These are some of the typical questions prospective patients will want answered when they land on your site. Put this information front and center, easy to find, so prospects aren’t frustrated and turned away from your business.


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