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From colleges to daycare centers to tutoring companies, businesses in the education industry have a tough time trying to stand out. There’s a lot of competition, and that can make it hard to attract new students or clients.

Why Work with a Professional Education SEO Company?

In today’s Internet-driven world, it’s no surprise that the majority of prospective students go online to learn more about schools and programs. When they hunt for the right matches for their needs, SEO helps them find you. That’s why, to boost your search results and capture more of the market share in education, your school needs strategic education SEO services.

Search engines are designed to scour the Internet and find the most relevant answers to searchers’ questions, but it’s an inexact science. Search engines aren’t humans and can’t see your campus photos, watch the administrator’s welcome video or understand content in the same ways humans can. This is why SEO exists — to communicate effectively to search engines and get you higher placement in results. With that in mind, a professional education SEO firm will use a wide range of strategies to get you noticed by search engines and enhance your rankings.

Responsive Web Design for a Mobile World

Search engines like responsive websites (websites that cater to various devices, screen sizes and orientations) because responsive websites serve users better. Today, with so many prospects looking for information about schools on their smartphones and tablets, it’s more important than ever to have a website that performs well on both desktops and other devices. Not only does this make your school more accessible to more prospects, but it also lets the search engines know you care about a good visitor experience.

Long-Form Content for Driving Interest

The Internet is all about content — web pages, articles, blog posts and more. Long-form content is an ideal opportunity to both communicate about your school to prospects, and give search engines keyword-optimized content to use in search results. Quality content is also shareable. As it gets spread across sites and networks, search engines take notice — and view that content as more valuable and relevant for users.

Link-Building Strategies to Increase Site Value

While roughly 25 percent of SEO concerns on-site elements such as website organization, content, etc., the other 75 percent is about links. In other words, the volume and quality of links pointing back to your school’s site has a major impact on its value in the minds of search engines. Savvy SEO includes a plan for creating link-worthy content that will encourage more sites to point back to yours. It will also include shares, submissions and marketing to get your content in more places online.

Whether you run a private school or create curriculum, you need strategic website design to drum up new business. You can use an online presence to create a 24/7 advertising tool that reaches potential students or clients around the clock, no matter their location.

Benefits of Education Web Design Services

What does an education website offer a business like yours? How can strategic design help you build business? Here are a few of the advantages that a professionally created website can offer you.

  • A way to reach your target audience. Your prospects expect to find you online, the No. 1 place to search for schools, tutors, books, curriculum, etc. When someone looks for education services in your area, will they find you? Without a website, you’re missing an important opportunity.
  • Effective lead generation. A good SEO website will be designed to generate new leads. Through optimized content with clear calls to action, it will encourage visitors to provide their contact information — hopefully leading to more students or clients.
  • Enhanced business credibility. It’s difficult to be a reputable business today without a website. More than that, though, a well-designed site speaks to the professionalism of your brand. The easier it is for visitors to find what they’re looking for, the more likely they are to trust you.

What Goes Into a Valuable Education Website?

One of the best ways to create the kind of strategic website design that will attract new customers is by working with a professional education web design company. As experts in the field, the professionals at an education web design agency will know what components are necessary for achieving measurable results.

What elements should be included in education websites? Let’s take a look.

  • Easy navigation. Each navigation menu needs to be short, uncluttered and easy to read. Avoid tiny fonts, and stick to six or fewer items in your menu list. Make a “contact” link the final item.
  • Prominent, high-definition photos. Pictures communicate more powerfully than text, so it’s vital that your site’s images are not boring stock photos. Invest in high-definition visuals to capture the attention of your visitors. Likewise, use those visuals to tell more about your product or facility.
  • Virtual tours. If your school’s campus is a selling feature, highlight it proudly through virtual tours that give visitors an up-close look at what to expect from your facility.
  • Responsive design. You want all website visitors to have an optimal experience, whether they’re using desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • Clear calls to action. If you want your visitors to sign up for free information, schedule a visit, apply online or contact you, encourage them with snappy calls to action. Make them clear and consistent throughout your site.


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