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Want to increase profits from your electronics business? Consider SEO. Many people prefer to purchase electronics items online, so you will tap into huge potential for increased sales by improving your online presence.

Whether you sell exclusively online or want to augment your brick-and-mortar electronics store with e-commerce offerings, here are some electronics SEO tips to help you maximize your earnings.

4 Top SEO Tips for Electronics Companies

1. Mobile optimize your site — Over half of all online purchases are made on mobile devices. Why does it matter? Because user experience on a mobile phone or tablet is very different from that on a desktop. If your site design, structure or page speed doesn’t translate well to mobile, you may be turning away a lot of good business. Many aspects of mobile design are highly technical and must be integrated with e-commerce best practices for optimal ROI, so you’ll want to look for an electronics SEO company with expertise in responsive design when you upgrade your site.

2. Optimize for local search — Many electronics companies have brick-and-mortar locations. If this is you, you’re way ahead of the game to target local customers. Electronics is a highly competitive industry, but since many people prefer to shop in their local areas, you can compete readily by incorporating local search terms into your SEO keywords. Other ways to boost your local web presence include creating comprehensive Google My Business and Bing Places for Business profiles, listing your business on local online directories, and adding structured data to your website’s code (a good electronics SEO firm can do this for you if you need help.)

3. Encourage customer reviews — Believe it or not, online reviews are as effective as word of mouth when it comes to building consumer trust. Getting reviews can also boost your search engine rankings. Besides listing your electronics business with review sites like Yelp, there are also ways to integrate user comments and reviews directly on your site, which can help to add the fresh content search engines love to see.

4. Generate relevant backlinks — One of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings is to get high quality sites to link back to your site. This shows the search engines that you are a legitimate business and an authoritative site. In addition to listing your site in directories, you can also ask for links from other businesses and organizations, including non-competing local businesses and charitable organizations you sponsor. Another great way is to contribute guest blog posts to other sites, such as popular consumer electronics blogs. This can result in significant traffic from potential customers, as well as link value to boost your rankings. If writing isn’t your thing, an electronics SEO agency can take it off your hands — it will have connections with appropriate sites for an electronics company from which to earn links.

SEO takes time to build, but engaging regularly in SEO activities such as these will, over time, turn your electronics website into a preferred destination for your customers!


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