Entertainment SEO Agency

Entertainment and recreation operations face tough challenges on the SEO playing field — lots of competition because lots of people use search engines to discover entertainment/recreation destinations.

To succeed, businesses in this industry need an entertainment and recreation SEO company with broad strategic and tactical expertise.

Key Areas of Focus for an Entertainment and Recreation SEO Agency

  • Local SEO, national SEO, or both? The first question is whether your business draws from a local, national or international audience. For instance, a golf course in metro Chicago may serve local residents nearly exclusively, a resort hotel in Miami may draw guests from all over the U.S., and a theater in New York City may attract people from both within NYC and all over the world. Local SEO and national SEO involve different techniques. To stay within budget and get the best results possible, campaign strategy and focus must be thought out carefully by the entertainment and recreation SEO firm.
  • Website issues. Some industries can get away with a good — rather than great — website,but not businesses in entertainment and recreation. If visitors’ experiences on your website are mediocre, what conclusion will they reach about the quality of your destination? A successful SEO campaign requires a top-flight website that serves visitor and SEO purposes. Key issues include:
    • Mobile-friendly website. Many website visitors will come from mobile phones, so your website must deliver a great experience.
    • Fast-loading pages. Page loading speed is an important ranking factor for Google — because slow-loading pages drive visitors off the site.
    • Well-optimized images. In your business, a picture is worth at least 1,000 words. In addition to using high-quality images, they must be properly optimized for Google Image Search.
    • Effective conversion elements. The goal of your SEO campaign is not merely to generate organic search engine traffic, but to get conversions — bookings, reservations, ticket sales, etc. Website visitors must be able to inquire or book effortlessly and confidently.
  • Keyword selection. Keyword selection is a tricky business for entertainment and recreation businesses. For instance, “art gallery” may be too broad, and “early renaissance art gallery” may be too narrow. If targeted keywords are too broad, they will draw non-relevant website traffic, or they will be so competitive that your business will never rank well for them. If the targeted keywords are too narrow, there will not be enough search volume to drive a critical mass of website traffic and conversions. Your entertainment and recreation SEO company must conduct keyword research that takes a careful look at search volume, competitiveness and user intent. Ultimately, the number of targeted keywords of your campaign must be large enough to drive meaningful ROI, but still possible to optimize within your SEO budget. It can be done, but it takes skill and a deep understanding of the entertainment and recreation industry.


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