Fitness Web Design Company

The primary goals of a fitness website are to highlight what makes a gym or trainer unique, and draw more people to the business to become paying customers. Every element of the site needs to keep that overall focus in mind. Working with a fitness web design company will help streamline that focus so each element will help achieve that goal.

Here are some key areas where fitness websites need to focus their website design efforts to help create a site that converts.

Keep the Layout Simple and Easy to Navigate

People who are browsing the Internet have short attention spans. You need a layout that is easy to understand and navigate. A simple layout also looks more professional and organized, which will result in more people trusting the services your fitness business provides. Yet, your website still needs to contain all the necessary elements to get your marketing messages across, which is why working with a fitness web design agency that understands how to create simple designs is so helpful.

Add Credibility Elements

When people need a new gym or trainer, they want to know that the facility or person they chose is going to deliver the services they need. For that reason, make sure your website conveys your credibility. Any training, certificates or specialized services offered should be highlighted clearly to help build trust between site visitors and your business. That trust will help convert more of those visitors into clients.

Make Sign-Up or Contact Easy

The goal of your website is to get people to sign up for your services or visit your location to join. Make it is easy for them to do so. Embed contact links or maps to your location into your website at logical points, and make the contact information clear on all pages of the site. If you offer online sign-ups, make them simple to find and use. If you confuse the visitor with your website design or make it too complicated for them to sign up, they will simply choose someone else.

Choose Photos Carefully

A fitness website needs photos to show what the facility and classes look like, but those photos need to be carefully chosen to help convert visitors into customers. Some questions to consider when choosing photos include:

  • Do the photos showcase the facility in good, clear lighting?
  • Are clients in the photos types of people who will appeal to your target audience?
  • Do the photos highlight what makes your facility or services unique?
  • Do they look like stock photos or are they personal?
  • Do the photos include images of the fitness instructors and team to make the site more personal?

Working with a fitness web design firm will help you choose the photos that work with your overall design and help build the trust you need to convert visitors.


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