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Golf is a diverse and competitive industry that is facing many changes as technology and demographics shift. Marketing for golf strategies that worked 10 or 20 years ago may not bring the returns they used to.

While offline tactics such as networking and event marketing will always be important in the golf industry, it’s becoming more and more critical for golf courses, manufacturers and retailers to build a strong online presence.

Let’s take a look at some winning online golf marketing strategies you can use to score more sales for your golf-related business.

Put Your Website in the Sweet Spot

The easiest new clients and customers to land are the ones who already are actively looking for what you offer. Most people nowadays start their search for a new provider online, so it’s very important to rank high in search engine results. A strong SEO (search engine optimization) campaign will do just that for your golf website. Once visitors reach your site, it’s also important that your web design accurately conveys the value of what you offer. A good golf marketing firm is an excellent asset for both site creation and optimization.

Tee Up With Online Events

Interest in golf right now is at an all-time high, but many people who are interested have yet to actually experience the game, and may lack the confidence to try it without encouragement. You can bridge that gap by staging online golf-related events (such as how-to training, golf course tours, celebrity interviews and product demos) that both entertain and educate this audience, and encourage them to try it for themselves. Use social media and PPC advertising to promote your online golf events. By adding attendees to your email marketing campaign, you can continue to develop your relationship and convert them into paying customers. Done right, online event marketing can be highly effective. However, it does require considerable technical expertise. You may find it well worth the investment to hire a golf marketing company to manage this aspect of your marketing.

Use Content Marketing to Build Your Following

In addition to events, it’s a good idea to publish lots of educational content both on and off your site. This will establish you as an authority in your area, as well as add to your email database of existing and prospective customers. A golf marketing agency can do this if you or your staff don’t have the time or talent for writing or video production.

Implement an Online Customer Loyalty Program

Golf traditionally has had a certain elite appeal. While it’s become much more accessible to the average person, everyone likes to feel they are being treated as someone special. You can do this for your customers and encourage online interaction at the same time by creating a VIP experience through your email marketing campaign. Consider having a special private area of your website for subscribers where they can get exclusive golf information, and offer them special incentives when they purchase from you.

Integrate Your Marketing

Aim for a dynamic balance between your online and offline marketing approaches. You can combine the two by, for instance, running PPC ads and posting on social media to promote your charity golf event or trade show.


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