Golf Course SEO Company

When you run a business in the golf industry, the more ways you can reach prospective customers, the better. If you run a golf course, you want more people in your area to know about and visit you.

If you have a mini-golf facility, you need to get the word out so customers spend some recreational time there. That’s why, from golf gear to golf lessons, golf brands benefit from SEO.

How SEO Relates to Golf Businesses

If someone is looking for a putter that you sell or the location of a golf course you run, where will he or she look? The most likely answer is a search engine. Golf SEO services exist to help your business improve online visibility in search results. By convincing search engines that you’re a reputable website with relevant information for specific terms, you can rank higher when prospects look for your golf-related products, services or events — so it’s easy to find you.

Practical and Relevant Golf SEO Services

When you’re looking to maximize website rankings and gain better online authority, there are several SEO strategies worth trying. When you work with a professional golf SEO company, it will implement a custom blend of these strategies, catered to your goals. This may include:

  • Researching keywords to know which words to target
  • Grouping those keywords by page
  • Building quality content around each keyword group
  • Creating landing pages with keyword-optimized URL structures
  • Building local citations
  • Attracting quality backlinks to your site

The Value of Backlinks

While on-site optimization efforts (i.e., everything on your website, from page structure to content depth and quality) are vital, but they only make up about 25 percent of overall SEO performance. The other roughly 75 percent focuses on off-site optimization — through building more and better links to your site.

  • Why do backlinks matter? Links to your site from other sites are akin to endorsements of what you’re writing and publishing. To search engines, they communicate credibility and relevance. When a search engine determines which websites are worthy of inclusion in search results (and in what order), it looks for the authoritative, credible sites with a quality backlink profile. Quality and quantity of those links affect online rankings.
  • How can a golf SEO agency help you build more links? Getting more links to your site isn’t an automatic process. A golf SEO firm will design a strategy for increasing the quality and quantity of links to your site. It may use guest blog posting, business profile sites, local directories and other methods.

Could your golf company benefit from more traffic, more leads and more business? If so, it’s time to think about SEO. Straight North is a golf SEO company that helps brands use professional SEO to generate more traffic and revenue.


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