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In the home builder industry, as in nearly any other, the importance of marketing your services to prospective customers and clients cannot be overstated.

New homebuyers want to know how you can provide them with better construction, quality, materials and aesthetics than any of your competitors — and how you can do it at the right price for them.

Purchasing and constructing a new home is a major decision for any of your prospective customers, and they’ll want to learn as much as they can before choosing a builder. In order to find what they need to know, a potential customer will research and assess your company via Internet searches, your website and social media, and other websites and reviews.

Who is the target audience for home builder marketing?
Home builder marketing should focus on two audiences: homebuyers and real estate agents (who are able to refer homebuyers to you). Home builder marketing services are an ideal way to communicate your value to those audiences, in the places where they’re conducting their research.

Why is marketing for home builders important?
Competition remains at a high level in the home builder marketplace, and there are only so many prospective customers ready to make a purchase in your geographic location at any given moment. For these reasons, any home builder marketing company will tell you that it’s important to set yourself apart by marketing your services online and offline, and forming a connection with prospective customers.

What types of home builder marketing services are useful?
In order to provide prospective new home buyers with the information they need, form a connection, and begin building the trust that’s so important in the process, a number of marketing methods may prove useful:


Search engines are the first place prospective homebuyers turn to for a potential builder, and SEO is the best way to make sure they’re able to find you. Remember that potential buyers don’t want to have to work hard to track down your online presence; if you’re too difficult to find, they’re likely to go with someone more readily available.


PPC, or pay per click, is a way of investing marketing dollars to ensure that your web presence appears at the top of search engine rankings. PPC provides the best ROI when used for highly targeted, “long-tail” searches — such as those including your geographic area and/or any specialty services you offer — and can also be somewhat complicated to navigate, meaning that you may want to consider a home builder marketing agency with PPC experience for assistance.

Email Nurturing

Home buying is an involved, carefully considered process. Email marketing can be extremely useful in guiding potential customers through the extended buying cycle, providing them with useful information about the process as they get closer to making a decision. It can be difficult to organically obtain email addresses for prospective customers, but if you’re able to, email nurturing can prove extremely useful.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing — and areas such as content marketing — are great ways to demonstrate your value and expertise to potential customers, without overtly selling to them. A blog and a robust social media presence are good methods of regularly providing new content and other informational updates to prospective customers, and can “put a face” to your company as you foster a connection. This type of content marketing can also prove useful for SEO.

Web Design

An easy-to-navigate website, tailored to the needs of your audience, can help to make sure that potential customers remain interested in your services once they arrive at your site.


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