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Hiring a contractor for a home improvement project requires tremendous trust on the part of customers. In a crowded marketplace, as many as 90 percent of customers will head to the Internet to research their options before calling a contractor. A website is critical to capturing those customers, and website design is critical to turning traffic into paying customers.

Home improvement contractors and companies need to build a website that speaks to customers’ needs and helps solidify their decisions to hire you. While working with a home improvement web design firm can help create this type of design, companies need to understand the elements a website should contain to help generate success.

Winning Elements for Home Improvement Website Design

While in the planning stages of a home improvement company website, it’s important to know the critical elements to creating a successful sales funnel. Your website should include the following features.

Elements That Create a Feeling of Trust

Unless website visitors received your name from a friend or family member, they have no reason to trust you. You must give them a reason. That requires adding elements to your website that will generate a feeling of trust, including:

  • Reviews from satisfied customers and clients
  • Awards and accolades your company has earned
  • Proof of your certifications and licenses

By working with your web design team to make these elements prominent on your site, you will evoke feelings of trust when people land on your site. This will increase the likelihood that visitors will become customers.

Digital Contact Form That’s Easy to Find and Use


Because the nature of home improvement means you are often working in the field, the best form of contact is likely email. To make it easy for customers to send you a note, your website should display an online contact form. Place this somewhere that is easily accessible, and use the website’s overall design to naturally guide customers to the contact box.

Visual Portfolio Showcasing Work

You can’t realistically take potential customers to the homes at which you have worked, but you can showcase your “before” and “after” photos on your website. Make sure these photos are professional, of jobs you completed, and showcase a full range of your services. Work with your home improvement web design company to ensure they are properly sized to allow your site to load quickly and display optimally on all devices.

Mobile-Friendly Design Elements

When people are on the go and thinking about home improvement, they’ll likely turn to their phones to research options. A home improvement company’s website needs to display well on mobile devices, or else those customers will leave — likely in favor of your competition. The overall website design, whether responsive or designed with mobile in mind, has an impact on this. Work with a home improvement web design agency to ensure your website is mobile-friendly, and extend your reach to all potential customers regardless of the device they use to access your site.


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