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Nobody has to tell you that the hotel industry is all about exposure. You constantly need new bookings if you’re going to keep your facility full and your business growing.

That’s exactly why you need to know about SEO, which harnesses the incomparable power of the Web and leads interested customers to you.

How does this work? How can you apply smart hotel SEO services to build business? Here’s a look at what you need to know.

  1. Your hotel needs SEO. There are many benefits that come from search optimization. You can keep your hotel ahead of the competition, become more credible as a brand, increase online traffic, draw new leads and get more bookings.
  2. Keywords send you traffic. When someone wants to book a hotel in your city, one of the most likely places to look is the Internet. The terms typed in a search engine are the keywords you want in your site’s content. Whether that’s “best hotels in (your city)” or “affordable hotel (your city)”, a professional hotel SEO company can help you determine what words are worth targeting. It will use in-depth market research and current trends to figure out which phrases to focus on in your web pages.
  3. Blogging builds content. Blogs can be a gold mine of searchable content, which explains why so many businesses feature a blog on their website. By regularly crafting relevant, helpful content, you are creating a wide array of content for search engines to crawl and index. A hotel SEO firm won’t only produce content, but also strategize to determine the best content to use.
  4. Clear content hierarchy matters. Both users and search engines care about your pages being clearly connected. For example, imagine you’re ready to book a double room, click the appropriate link but you land on a single-room page. How simple or difficult it is to find what you need makes all the difference in whether you make a reservation or leave the site. Search engines, likewise, care about how usable, helpful and navigable your site is.
  5. Don’t neglect responsive design. With more of the population pulling data and information from smartphones or other mobile devices, you can’t afford to have a website that isn’t responsive (able to work on various devices). Furthermore, search engines care about responsive design because user experience factors into their rankings — without it, you may be penalized in mobile search results.
  6. Inbound links, and more inbound links. While your website design and content is important, on-site optimization makes up only about 25 percent of SEO. The other roughly 75 percent is in off-site optimization, such as link-building efforts. Links to your site are essentially endorsements of the content, so search engines pay attention to quality and quantity of sites pointing to you. A professional hotel SEO agency will strategize to build more and better links back to your website.


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