HR Recruiting Web Design Firm

Finding the best talent is a competitive job. That’s why HR and recruiting companies need every resource in order to attract candidates, harvest CVs and network with prospective clients.

In the world of HR and recruiting, website design is about much more than having a site that looks slick. In order to find more clients and deepen your pool of talent, you need a robust online presence that brings business to you.

The Power of a First Impression

The same tip that you’re likely telling your job candidates applies to your HR and recruiting web presence: First impressions matter. The first time someone visits your website may be the only chance you get to connect with him or her. Will the candidate fill out a contact form? Will you generate a new lead? Or will you lose the connection to a competitor? The answer to these questions is largely dependent on the power of your website design.

What Creates a Site That Converts?

When you work with an HR and recruiting web design company, you gain the kind of insight that makes a difference in your online conversions. What sort of HR and recruiting web design services make the biggest difference? Here are some principles a professional agency will likely utilize.

  • Going mobile. Today’s Internet users are not limited to laptop or desktop computers. That’s why you need a responsive design that will work on mobile devices as easily as on traditional computers. Responsive design adapts content and design to the user’s screen, creating an optimal experience for each visitor.
  • Amplifying your brand. Your brand has certain hallmarks that define its style and message, and you want to reinforce those on your website. From logo to colors to the level of formality in your content, a professional HR and recruiting web design agency will strive to make your website an extension of your messaging.
  • Creating strong content — and lots of it. Quality content helps you build authority online, answer questions for users, enhance credibility and impress search engines. The more of this relevant content you create, the better.
  • Putting contact info on display. If your site’s goal is getting more clients and/or talent to contact you, you want to make it easy for them to do so. Your phone number should be prominently displayed throughout the website — in the header, for example. Make a “contact” link/button the last item of a simple navigation menu.
  • Providing clear calls to action. You need to encourage visitors to fill out contact forms, call you, subscribe to your job-listing email, etc. Sites with clear calls to action see dramatically improved response rates.


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