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The primary purpose of an industrial website is to attract e-commerce visitors and convert them into sales and leads. Therefore, a web designer and IT manager of a manufacturing company should follow industrial website design best practices to ensure that the site is competitive. Whether you are considering an industrial website redesign or a new site, the following tips, insights and features will be a valuable addition to your project.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

A huge percentage of Internet users visit their favorite sites using mobile devices, so it’s important for every industrial web design to accommodate these users. To avoid missing out on a massive category of visitors, you have to ensure that your industrial website design firm builds a site structure that is not only readable on mobile devices, but also functional. An up-to-the-minute industrial web design agency understands the significance of designing a mobile-responsive website and why Google algorithms rank such sites highly — and will build you a site that encourages visitors to engage and respond.

Create Expert Content

Your current and potential customers believe that your website is a go-to resource for all specialist information and detailed guidance about your products/services. While it is normal to find in-depth information about the company history and self-promotional content similar to what you can see in an ordinary brochure, all that is secondary to your customers. Their primary intention when they visit your site is to find viable solutions to their problems.

Consequently, you will need to create concrete information about each product, and explain how it will help satisfy your customers’ needs. It is essential to present your content in different formats such as newsletters, case studies, e-books, videos, blogs or whitepapers because people consume content differently. Be sure to include calls to action in your content, and promote it to your readers and social media followers regularly.

An established industrial web design company provides easy access to a group of experienced digital content creators who can help you with your project’s content reach if this is something you don’t want to do in-house. It also can help you contact and build healthy working relationships with social media influencers and online publishers to get the word out and boost your Google rankings.

Include Email List-Building Tools

If you manage to capture your customers’ attention in a useful and compelling way, they will be enticed to take action by signing up for newsletters or subscriptions, and thus you will generate leads. You should find a way to collect contact information from your site’s visitors to keep updating them about relevant topics and product news. Ask your industrial web design firm to include email list-building tools such as the lead capture forms found on landing pages. You can also collect your customers’ email information through live chats or subscription and conversion forms on your blog, header or sidebar. This is an incredibly reliable way of staying in touch with prospective buyers and retaining existing customers.

Integrate Social Media

Many industrial Internet marketers underestimate the significance of social media in their niche. If executed strategically, social media can boost your company’s sales and marketing campaigns. You should start by conducting research to identify the social media networks that most of your target buyers frequently use. Then, integrate social media into your website design with share buttons and subscription widgets.

A well-executed website is an essential marketing tool for your industrial company. Putting these tips into action will help you raise awareness of your brand, generate leads and ultimately boost your bottom line.


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