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In order to grow an interior design business, you need to ensure that people see your designs. While some of your business may come from people seeing your designs in the community, most of it is going to come from images in your portfolio. How can you get more eyes on your portfolio? With a website that is easily found in the search engines.

SEO is the tool to make your website, and the portfolio it contains, easily found when people are searching for a local interior design company. With a well-executed interior design SEO campaign, carefully monitored and optimized month after month, you can quickly rise to the top and see that yours is among the first companies people find when they need your services.

Components of an Effective Interior Design SEO Campaign

Due to the high competition and local focus of the interior design field, SEO isn’t as simple as it may be for other industries. That’s why so many interior designers turn to an interior design SEO company for help. If you are looking for interior design SEO services, make sure they include these components:

1. Effective Keyword Research The right keywords for interior design are going to be geographically driven. In some areas, “interior design” is the most popularly searched key phrase, while other areas lean toward “interior decorator.” Adding geographic terms is also important. An effective interior design SEO firm will assist you in choosing the right keywords through thorough analysis to effectively reach your target market.

2. Effective Linking When Google and the other search engines see that trusted websites link to yours, it helps make your site legitimate and helpful. Building inbound links will increase your ranking and make your SEO efforts more effective. Some reasons why your backlink profile may be lacking include:

  • No proactive research and outreach to relevant publisher sites
  • Lack of content assets that draws links naturally
  • Not analyzing your competitor’s backlink profiles

After analyzing your backlink profile, your interior design SEO agency should help you create a strategy to improve it. With the right assistance, you can fix these errors and build a strong inbound link profile that will improve your rank in the search engines.

3. Optimized Images Interior designing is a highly visual field, which means your website should have a large number of images. Yet if the search engines and searchers can’t find those images, they aren’t helping your marketing efforts. Make those images crawlable, and add optimized alt text to them to ensure your site’s most valuable resource is helping to support your SEO efforts.

4. Directory Listings Because of the local nature of interior design work, you must add your website and contact information to online directories, which will help boost your local search results. Directory listings also provide another avenue for inbound links. Start with well-known sites such as Google My Business and Yelp, then add your listing to local business directories. Finally, look for directories specific to designers.

5. Positive Online Reviews Ask your satisfied customers to post positive reviews on your directory listings and review websites. Not only will this improve the public’s opinion of your company, but the search engines find positive reviews something worth rewarding.


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