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Looking to grow your IT services firm? Whether you service your customers locally or remotely, having an effective website design is essential. As you know, first impressions can make or break the sale, and most prospective IT customers will check you out online before ever picking up the phone or emailing for a quote. Research has found that 94 percent of a site user’s first impressions are related to its design — and these critical initial judgments of your IT company take place in just 1/20 th of a second!

How could it help you? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want more customers to find you online?
  • Are you interested in boosting brand awareness?
  • Would you like to draw traffic from the very people who want your services?
  • Could your business better differentiate itself from competitors?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then consider what you’ll gain from working with a professional IT services SEO company. As an expert in helping companies become more visible online, an IT services SEO agency can use on-site and off-site optimization strategies to make your IT company rank higher in search results. Through strategic IT services SEO services, it can build your authority online so that you’re easier to find when prospects look for what you offer.

On-Site Optimization to Create the Bait

Everything on your website — from blog posts to page hierarchy — is part of on-site optimization. To help you create the kind of website that entices search engines, a professional IT services SEO firm can evaluate your existing site structure, content, backlink profile and organic traffic trends, as well as compare it to competitors and identify problem areas. Then, through a careful keyword research process, it can help you strategize to organize, create and optimize content to naturally place higher in search engine results.

Off-Site Optimization to Build Authority

On-site optimization is very important as it lays the foundation, but it accounts for only about 25 percent of SEO performance. The other roughly 75 percent pertains to links pointing back to your site. Search engines judge authority and value by the quality and quantity of websites that are linking to you. That’s why, in order to generate more inbound links, your IT services SEO company will create shareable content that encourages other sites to link to it, as well as relevant guests posts on other sites that build brand awareness and point back to you.

What to Look for in an IT Services SEO Firm

When you’re vetting SEO agencies, what should you look for? How do you know which provider will best understand your audience and create the kind of content that works to build authority and links? Here are a few key factors worth noting.

  • Track record of success. Don’t take an SEO firm’s word when it says it can help you build traffic. Ask for references and examples of how they’ve helped other clients.
  • A good listener. Before SEO professionals can help your IT company generate more organic search traffic, it needs to understand your company’s products/services, your competition and your goals. Look for a firm that will take time to get to know your business before moving forward with SEO plans.
  • A clear strategy. You want an IT services SEO agency that has a clear, detailed plan for building your online authority. Ask how, specifically, it will improve your site structure and content as well as your backlink profile.

Are you an IT business looking to improve online credibility and website rankings for more traffic? Straight North is an IT services SEO firm that specializes in helping IT businesses get higher search rank through both on-site and off-site optimization strategies.

Website Design Best Practices for IT Firms

It takes an experienced IT services web design firm to create a site that will optimize lead generation for your computer services business. Here are some features you should request:

  • Mobile-responsive design. More people now search the Web on mobile devices than on desktops. These visitors will expect your IT firm’s website to be up-to-date and accessible.
  • Easy, intuitive user experience. Your customers are busy and looking for better, easier solutions. A site that is easy to navigate and free of clutter respects their time and demonstrates your ability to make things simple for them. An IT services web design agency with expertise in user experience (UX) best practices will create a clean, professional-looking site that engages users and helps them trust your competence.
  • Differentiation. In this highly competitive market, what makes your IT company different? Your website design should make this instantly apparent. A reputable IT services web design company will research your company, customers and competitors to create a site that helps set you apart from your competition in the eyes of your ideal clients.
  • Jargon-free, client-focused content. IT is a highly technical field, and if you love technology, it’s easy to geek out on it. But don’t do this on your site, or your visitors will click away before their eyes glaze over. Instead, make your prospective client the hero and show them — in clear images and a conversational tone — how you can help solve their problems and achieve their goals.
  • Proof of expertise. Your clients will be trusting you with their most valuable assets, so you need to show them you’re up to the task. Testimonials, success stories and positive reviews will all boost your credibility — and should be prominent on your site.
  • Lots of helpful content. Posting how-to and blog articles regularly is another way to prove your expert status. The search engines love fresh content, too. So, if you’re too busy to blog regularly, ask your IT services web design agency to assist.
  • Clear calls to action. A good IT services website is a tool for lead generation. It should tell your visitors exactly what to do next with clear, highly visible copy and design elements such as buttons and opt-in forms. Don’t forget to include your phone number in the header!
  • Follow-up capability. It’s relatively easy to get hot leads to call, but the majority of your visitors may not be ready to call you — yet. A good IT services web design company will include a lead capture form on your site so you can follow up with these warm leads and convert them to customers over time.

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