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The Keys to Good Jewelers Marketing

Every jeweler knows the challenge of constantly needing new customers. The name of the game in retail is to always be advertising, trying to increase exposure and looking for ways to get your products in front of more potential buyers. While, in the past, there might be a few jewelry stores in a town where word of mouth alone could build business, the competition today extends beyond your specific geographic location — to jewelers worldwide with an online presence.

  • How can your jewelry store stand out?
  • What makes prospects choose you when they’re in the market for new jewelry?
  • What are the most effective ways to stand out in the marketplace and draw customers to your store or site?

What you need is a professional jewelers marketing company — an agency that helps your brand create targeted marketing campaigns backed by strategy. A jewelers marketing firm can help you build exposure and business.

What Benefits You Get From a Professional Jewelers Marketing Agency

Think of a jewelers marketing company as a partner in promoting your products. Backed by a solid understanding of marketing and the jewelry industry, professional jewelry marketers can help you:

  • Understand your target audience and know how to reach it
  • Better understand the competition
  • Build custom marketing strategies catered to your products
  • Create a responsive website design and build online traffic
  • Improve SEO for more visits and leads online
  • Increase qualified sales leads
  • Attract more customers

The Role of Content Marketing

Content marketing is an area where a professional jewelers marketing agency can help you excel. An overarching term that includes everything from blog posts and email marketing to brochure content and videos, content marketing uses brand-enhancing, keyword-rich content and links to attract more customers to your jewelry store. Creating quality content establishes you as an authority, increases credibility for your store as a jewelry resource and, from an Internet marketing standpoint, boosts rankings. Used as part of a strategic SEO and PPC campaign, it can deliver a strong ROI for your brand.

Other Strategies a Jewelers Marketing Firm May Use

Beyond personalized content marketing aimed at your target audience, a jewelers marketing agency may also implement various strategies, such as:

  • Keyword research to know what terms to use in optimizing content
  • Competition research to know how to stand out in the industry
  • Responsive website design for a site that performs well on both computers and mobile devices
  • Giveaways and/or events that create buzz
  • E-newsletters that build an ongoing relationship with prospects
  • Social media content and strategy

Knowing the specific blend of strategies to use for your jewelry business starts with understanding your brand and goals. To learn more about how to make the most of your marketing online and offline, look for a professional marketing agency with proven results.


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