Law Firm Marketing Services

If your law firm or your lawyers are struggling to get new clients, it may be due to a lack of proper marketing technique. If you aren't using your marketing time and money effectively, you are not going to reach those who are searching for your services.

Today, because most consumers start their search for any service provider online, you need to implement Internet marketing into your overall law firm marketing strategies. Here are some tips for marketing for law firms that may make the task a little easier for you and your legal team.

Build a Professional Website

For a law firm to be successful, it must have a website. Build a website that showcases your professionalism and areas of expertise. Make sure it is robust so your firm appears to be knowledgeable and in demand. Talk to a law firm marketing company about proper web design that will encourage people to interact with the website. Don’t neglect to make the site mobile friendly, as many people will search on their smartphones when in need of legal help.

Use Content Effectively

In order to retain clients, a law firm must build trust and brand the firm and its lawyers as legal experts. Content marketing — including blogs, email marketing campaigns and guest posts on popular/prestigious sites — is one of the best ways to do this. Post quality content to your website, then to other sites as well — attributing the work to your firm and legal team. Use both written content and video content to keep people reading and watching. Work with a law firm marketing firm to ensure your content marketing efforts are effective.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Once you have a website, incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Search engine optimization allows you to implement strategies across your website to help it rank high in search engines results when people are searching for a lawyer in your area and your particular field.

Continue your online optimization by updating your listings in legal and business directories, and by adding social media pages. The more robust your online presence, the better the chances your firm will be the one people find when searching for a lawyer. Also, directories, social media and other sites may help boost your website’s SEO if you use them properly. Use your social media pages and profiles to build an authentic connection with the individuals who could become your firm’s clients.

Opt for Online Advertising

Online advertising is a wise choice for law firms, because people who need a lawyer will likely start their searches online. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be quite effective, as this method is keyword and location based. For these campaigns, your firm will purchase ads to appear in search engine results when people use your keywords — and you will be charged only when someone clicks on that ad. With the help of a law firm marketing agency, you can choose effective keywords and use proper analytics to ensure your PPC campaigns are working.


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