Lawn Care SEO Services

Your lawn care company could be the best on the market, but it will still be losing business if it’s not ranking well in search engines.

Think about it this way: When people in your community need lawn care, where are they most likely to turn? All it takes is a few seconds to type in search terms such as “lawn care near me” or “(your city) lawn care,” and results display immediately. If your landscaping website isn’t one of the first to appear, prospects will go with a competitor. This is why lawn care SEO services are so important.

The Value of SEO in the Competitive Lawn Care Market

Nobody has to tell you that lawn care is competitive. There are plenty of companies offering the services you provide — at various price points, service levels, etc. Before a customer can hire you, he or she may be offered lawn care from other local businesses, large landscaping companies or even a neighbor’s teenager. That’s why, to stand out in the marketplace, lawn care providers need savvy marketing strategies that set them apart. Online, this means SEO. A lawn care SEO agency uses research-based methods to distinguish your brand and increase its visitors, leads and business.

On-Site and Off-Site Optimization for the Best Results

There are two main aspects of SEO: on-site optimization (which involves everything on your website) and off-site optimization (which focuses on the quality and quantity of links pointing back to your site). For the best ROI, your lawn care business needs both.

  • On-site optimization strategies: Your website structure, content, tags, hierarchy of pages, images and other features all relate to on-site SEO. A lawn care SEO company can help you make the most of these elements, factoring in the latest search engine algorithms, keyword research, competition research and more.
  • Off-site optimization strategies: While on-site features make up about 25 percent of SEO, the other 75 percent goes to off-site optimization efforts such as link building. Who is linking to your website, and how authoritative are those sites? Getting reputable sites to link to your lawn care business involves creating the kind of content that’s shareable and valuable, and knowing how to make connections and strategize to boost links. A lawn care SEO firm will be able to offer you a comprehensive strategy for boosting your authority online.

Working With a Lawn Care SEO Agency

Search engine algorithms are always changing, so it can be hard to stay on top of the latest developments and guidelines for boosting your rankings online. This is what a lawn care SEO company specializes in understanding, therefore helping your business make the most of current trends to aid brand recognition, web traffic, lead generation and business.


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