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Want to attract more clients to your legal practice? While networking will always be important, it’s no longer enough. These days, nearly four out of 10 people use the Internet to find a lawyer, and even people who learn about your services through referral will check out your website before picking up the phone. This is actually good news for law practices smart enough to invest in professional website design.

A competent lawyer web design company will know how to leverage research on how consumers shop for a lawyer online to create a website design for your law practice that will stand out in a crowded market. Let’s look at some examples of data-driven best practices you should include in your law firm’s web design.

6 Data-Backed Lawyer Web Design Tips

1. Invest in mobile-responsive design. Over 30 percent of traffic to law firm sites comes through mobile devices, and seven out of 10 legal shoppers use both a PC and a phone to research. Choose a lawyer web design firm with expertise in mobile-friendly design so you don’t lose this important segment of your market.

2. Include a strong call to action on every page. Most people seeking legal advice need help with an immediate problem; just over half will hire an attorney within one week. Your site needs to appeal to the hot buyer. Be sure your calls to action are highly visible everywhere on your site.

3. Make your phone number is visible in your header. 74 percent of people contacting a lawyer use the phone to do it. Make sure that number is easy to find and read. You might also want to consider adding a live chat option to your site.

4. Highlight your expertise. In a survey of legal clients, expertise outranked both recommendations and price in importance when selecting an attorney. In addition to highlighting your legal specialties, one of the best ways to position yourself as an expert is to add fresh content to your blog regularly. This also will help raise your search engine rankings. Some good things to post are general legal advice, explanations of terms and legal success stories. If you do not like to write or don’t have the time to blog, you can always hire a lawyer web design agency to create content for you.

5. Add videos to your website or blog. 20 percent of people looking for information on legal topics visited YouTube, indicating that video is a popular way to consume legal information. You can get double duty from your YouTube videos by embedding them on your site.

6. Post your location. Seven out of 10 people prefer to work with a lawyer within 25 miles of their home or business. A lawyer web design firm with SEO expertise can optimize your site for local search and take advantage of local web traffic. It’s also a good idea to include your city and/or address in your header, and include a map to your practice on your contact page.

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