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In today’s crowded transportation market, limo companies not only compete with other limos, but also taxis, ride-sharing and other kinds of chauffeur services. That’s why your ability to stand out starts where you reach prospects — online — with a strategic, streamlined website design.

The vast majority of clients will learn about you long before you serve them. How? By visiting your website, they’ll get the information they need to decide whether or not to contact you. Will your limo company get their business, or will one of your competitors get the call? Consider how website design could be a determining factor.

How to Create the Kind of Limo Website That Draws Business

The key to effective limo web design services — the kind that means more business for you — is value differentiation. You want to make it crystal clear to prospects why you are the company to pick. To that end, a limo web design company will likely incorporate the following website components to make your business stand out online.

  • Clear value proposition. Who is your company, why does it stand out and what are the factors that make you a good choice for clients? You not only need to know the answers to these questions to market your business, but you also need to feature this information clearly and prominently on your site.
  • Streamlined navigation. If your site is hard to navigate, you’re losing visitors. A limo web design agency will seek to create a site that’s highly navigable, with a simple navigation menu, lots of white space and strategically selected fonts.
  • Professional images and videos. Stock photos make your business look cheap and untrustworthy. Visitors want to learn about your business through custom photos and videos, which means you can’t skip the investment.
  • Customer testimonials. Build trust with your prospects by demonstrating credibility through customer testimonials. Other strong credibility elements include logos of professional affiliations, mentions of recognizable businesses or brands you’ve served, and/or any qualifications (memberships, articles, engagements, etc.) that make you stand out.
  • A responsive design. In order to optimize user experience, you need a website that makes information accessible on any device. More and more people are accessing the Web on mobile devices, so you don’t want to lose them with a site that doesn’t perform well on a mobile screen. Responsive design adapts your webpages to users’ viewing devices — from smartphones to laptops — to ensure a positive user experience.
  • Calls to action. Websites with compelling calls to action generate far greater returns than those that simply hope for calls. A limo web design firm can also help you here, crafting copy that entices more users to contact you.

Working With a Professional Limo Web Design Agency


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