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When someone is locked out of a car or home, the first reaction is to call a locksmith. With a smartphone in nearly every pocket, today's consumer will grab the phone and search for the nearest option.

To make sure your business is the one that is found, you need to focus on smart locksmith marketing. Here are some tips that will make marketing for locksmiths more effective.

Make Marketing Geographic Specific

Locksmithing is a job that requires travel. If you aren’t willing to travel to a customer’s location, or if traveling that far doesn’t make economic sense, don’t market to that customer. As a result, make sure your marketing efforts, whether Internet marketing or offline marketing, are aimed at a specific geographic area. Clearly define the geographic area of your target market before you start marketing.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Web Presence

A website is essential for locksmith marketing, as a majority of customers are going to seek you out when an emergency arises. Therefore, your site needs to be mobile-friendly — as a smartphone is likely going to be the device on which they search. This means you should avoid putting too much text or extensive navigation on your site. Talk to a locksmith marketing agency about more tips for mobile-friendly web design.

Optimize Your Site

Once your site is up and running, incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure it is among the first people see when searching for locksmith services in your area. Make sure the keywords you target for your SEO efforts are location specific. Add your business to Google Maps and similar location services, so you will be found easily.

Add Pay-Per-Click Ads

If you want to virtually guarantee that your link is among the first seen when people are frantically searching for a locksmith, invest in pay-per-click advertising. PPC ads are paid ads that show when specific keywords are searched. You can link those ads to your website or to a landing page that captures an email address for email marketing campaigns. By choosing effective, geographic-specific keywords for your PPC campaigns, you can get your link at or near the top of search engine results to target your ideal customer virtually overnight. Working with a locksmith marketing firm will help you choose effective keywords.

Differentiate From the Competition

Unless you work in a small town where you are the only locksmith, you will need something that makes your business and its services stand out. Find a hook — such as guaranteed arrival time, specialized lock services, or the ability to break in without damaging the door — and incorporate that into your marketing efforts. These types of factors not only make you stand out, but they also allow you to charge more by providing the customer something they need and for which they are willing to pay. Talk to a locksmith marketing company if you are having trouble finding a way to differentiate your services.


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