SEO for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers of virtually any size will benefit from a national and/or local SEO campaign.

Industrial buyers, influencers, engineers and operations personnel use Google and other search engines to find new suppliers, as well as conduct research on new products and equipment. Before quoting fees for a lead generation SEO campaign, an experienced manufacturing SEO company will need to gather some information about your business, in particular:

  • Do you market your products locally, regionally, nationally or globally?
  • What is the value of a new customer?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • What industries/end-user markets do you serve?
  • What distribution channels do you use to bring your products/equipment to market?
  • What are common terms used by customers to describe your products/equipment?
  • What specific products/equipment do you want to target in your SEO campaign?

How a Manufacturing SEO Agency Formulates a Campaign

Your answers to the above questions, along with other discovery, enable the manufacturing SEO firm to conduct preliminary research to determine whether SEO has potential for your business (likely), and if so, how the campaign should be structured. The main issues to be considered include:

  • Local or national campaign, or both? Local SEO is most cost effective for manufacturers serving a local market, provided there is enough local keyword volume to generate a critical mass of leads. Companies with national scope can do very well combining a national campaign with local campaigns in strategic local markets, provided their budget can support it.
  • Number and nature of keywords. A competitive analysis helps the manufacturing SEO company determine whether your business can successfully compete for organic rankings on high-volume, high-converting keywords. If not, a long-tail keyword strategy — using longer keyword phrases with very high likelihood of converting — is a better option. The size of your budget and the number of target items in your campaign primarily drive the number of keywords your campaign can support.
  • Setup tasks. The manufacturing SEO agency will take a close look at your website to make sure it is ready to support your campaign. Common problems that need to be fixed prior to campaign launch include poor mobile-friendly site design, slow page loading, missing or lack of optimized meta data, and lack of site pages devoted to targeted keywords.
  • Link-building plan. The SEO company will review your link profile (the number and quality of links pointing to your website). These backlinks are a very important ranking factor for Google, and it’s likely your campaign will devote a good deal of time to obtaining new links. The link profile analysis tells your agency how many links are needed, what type of content (if any) will be needed for establishing the links, and how easy or difficult it will be to attain the links.

Accurate SEO Reporting — It Can Be Done!

Manufacturers live in a world where business activity is measured — this applies just as much to SEO as it does to uptime and throughput. A well-executed campaign provides accurate data that enables you to precisely calculate the ROI of your campaign. Key elements of a solid reporting process include:

  • Granular tracking of all website form inquiries (to identify inquiries from your SEO campaign)
  • Granular tracking of all phone inquiries initiated by your SEO campaign
  • Validation of sales leads, to separate actual leads from non-lead conversions such as spam, misdials, sales solicitations and customer service inquiries

This last step of validation is extremely important. Our extensive research of online marketing conversions reveals that about half of all conversions are something other than leads. Most companies look at undifferentiated lead data in their reports, and as a result tend to overestimate the ROI of their SEO efforts.


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