Marine Web Design Agency

So, you want to launch a website for your water-based business venture. Whether you use an in-house designer or hire a marine web design agency, your site should sport a beautiful design with pictures and videos that show off the fast-paced fun that is your business. The excitement never stops on the water, and your website should reflect that fun.

Help Them Find Your Treasures

When seeking marine web design services, remember that your website needs captivating, watery images. Whether you sell boats, charter deep-sea fishing expeditions or teach scuba diving, a good marine web design firm will invite visitors to get their feet wet virtually. Take them right to the waterfront with live-action videos of fishing competitions, sailboat races or water skiing lessons. Simple video tours of top-of-the-line houseboats or yachts turn cool shoppers into enthusiastic buyers on the spot.

Exciting clips engage visitors, letting them drink in the fun — but it’s savvy design that helps you reel in the buyers. Make sure your call to action is prominently located in multiple places on your site. Because different people prefer to contact you in different ways, it’s also a good idea to post your phone number and social media links on your site as well as contact forms.

Steer Them Toward the Sale

Easy navigation is important in website design. Use these tips to ensure visitors enjoy smooth sailing.

  • Let your home page fly like a pennant to identify your brand. Fill the premium space above the fold with an overview of your business so visitors can see the most important things you have to offer right away. Include your company name, logo and all contact information. Provide helpful navigation tools such as search bars, sitemaps and hyperlinks.
  • Your About Us page shows visitors what all the fun is about. Tell your story, both personal and professional, complete with headshots and bios. It’s more fun to do business with fun people, so let your playful side shine.
  • A Products and Services page features exactly what you offer. Show off your photos here. Use hyperlinks to individual pages for each product and service, providing details about all the cool stuff you have to offer. Don’t forget to include enticing descriptions and a compelling call to action for each.
  • Blogs are also perfect for sharing photos. Trendy news stories and articles keep your posts as fresh as the ocean air, and frequent posting helps your site rank higher on Google.
  • Your website needs a Contact Us page, complete with every way prospects can reach you. For better surfing, include sidebars and footers with contact info on every page!
  • Testimonials and reviews should be prominent on your site. Let others tell about the fun they’ve had with your products and services. Ask them to share their comments, and respond promptly when you receive them.
  • A well-planned FAQ page can round out prospects’ education about your business. Sharing your knowledge makes the buying experience easier for them.
  • It’s also a good idea to include a site map that links to terms and conditions, privacy policy and warranty/guarantee information to put those detail-oriented minds at ease.
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Your on-the-go customers will appreciate it, and so will the search engines!

Your marine website should not only look fantastic, but function flawlessly for superior user experience and lead generation. When it comes to choosing a marine web design company, choose one that has expertise and experience in the technical and aesthetic aspects of website design.


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