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As a healthcare provider, you know you need a website to drive leads and generate sales. Whether you have an in-house design team or you hire a professional medical and health web design agency, your website design needs to make a great first impression.

With many information-packed pages, your site needs a consistent and cohesive look to keep visitors, as well as current patients, engaged. If it’s too difficult to find what they’re looking for, they’ll likely leave within the first few seconds. Follow these tips to create a website that will garner leads and increase sales.

  • Hire an experienced medical and health web design firm to create a branded site that’s a cut above. Your high standards are important to potential patients who may be putting their well-being in your care.
  • Build on your brand by making your website design inviting. Use a calming color theme that can be matched to your logo, which should be displayed prominently above the fold on each page.
  • Continue your branding with the messages you convey through custom layout and informative headlines, neatly arranged for optimal link click-through and easy, intuitive navigation.
  • Place important contact information above the fold on all pages. No one has time to spare in an emergency situation.
  • Take the convenience a step further with a click-to-call phone number and click-to-email address. These convenient call-to-action features are especially important on mobile-responsive websites.
  • Receive more traffic when you build a responsive website. Google prefers mobile-friendly sites, which also cater to the many patients and visitors who prefer to use mobile devices to search online.
  • Provide easy-to-use features for ordering prescriptions, setting appointments, completing pre-visit forms, paying bills and receiving test results. These functions are not only convenient for patients, they also free your personnel from time-consuming tasks.

Medical Care Made Easy

A good medical and health web design company will define your practice by describing your specialties. When potential patients search for specific conditions, your detailed website information will help you climb in Google’s search rankings. Use your About Us page to list all the areas of medicine you and your colleagues practice. Then use a drop-down menu with breakout pages for each specialty.

You can use the same technique to introduce each practitioner in your office. Create a new page for each, giving his/her relevant credentials. Patients seeking doctors want to know all about their potential caregivers before they set appointments.

Including a blog on your site gives you the opportunity to further educate patients and earn their trust. Make blog posts relevant to your practice and to the circumstances of your community. Remember, the more posts you have on your blog, the higher your ranking on Google is likely to be.

A main goal of website design is to grow your patient base. Following the key ideas listed here will help turn your site into a key business-building tool for your medical or wellness practice.


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