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More than virtually any other industry, the movie industry depends on dynamic marketing to make an impact and deliver ROI. While ideal marketing strategies will differ depending on the type of company within the movie industry, marketing for movies nearly always involves the need for precise timing and extensive social reach.

Let’s explore some of the most effective movie marketing services to consider as you plan the promotional strategy for your film, production company or cinema.

Court the Press

Movie marketing is all about building buzz, and one of the best ways to do it is to keep the press excited. Press releases and press junkets are well-known ways to keep journalists and news networks up to speed on your production, but don’t overlook the power of bloggers and other influential individuals to influence your audience. A good movie marketing agency will be able to help you make the connections needed.

Keep It Social

Social media is the perfect way to spread the word and build excitement in movie marketing. Whether you are a cinema letting your local audience know what’s hot at the box office this week, or a producer looking to build a fan base for your next movie, your followers will enthusiastically help your promotional efforts go viral if you know how to build excitement on the social platforms.

In addition to video trailers, use social to share celebrity trivia, interviews, contests and behind-the-scenes outtakes from your films. You can also offer special opt-in incentives to bring social followers into your email list. From there, use email marketing to sell promotional items and special event opportunities, or encourage repeat patronage of your cinema.

Web Design for the Movie Industry

Every film should have its own website — a place it can play the starring role. Use your film site to display trailers, reviews and links to revenue-generating materials such as DVDs, soundtracks and games based on the movie. An experienced movie marketing company should be able to help you create a movie website that not only looks great, but is search engine optimized so your fans can find it.

Offline Film Promotion

There are many ways to promote your movie offline. Broadcast and cable TV is among the most effective, because it’s a fast way to let a large number of people get a taste of what it will be like to see your film. In addition to paid advertising, be sure to book as many appearances as you can on talk shows and other news programs.

The best audience to target is one that is already buying what you offer. In the case of moviegoers, you have a captive audience in every cinema. Movie trailers, posters and standees (stand-up cutouts of movie characters) all build excitement and expectation around your film’s release.

Internet Marketing for Movies

Your Internet marketing strategy will differ depending on what aspect of the film industry you represent.

If you are promoting a film, you’ll want to be able to scale and control your marketing for max impact at key times. In addition to leveraging the power of the press and social media, paid PPC advertising is an easy way to reach huge numbers of your ideal viewers just when it counts the most.

For cinemas and other film industry companies that are looking for long-term marketing ROI, it’s also a good idea to invest in SEO (search engine optimization) for optimal competitive advantage online.


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