SEO for Moving Companies

More than one in 10 Americans move every year, so ask yourself: When it's time to relocate, will the people in your area come to you for moving services? Or will they find a competitor instead?

With such potential for business, it’s no wonder there are so many moving companies in existence today. In order for your company to be the one that movers choose, it has to stand out above a great deal of competition. This is where mover SEO services become so important. Through quality SEO strategy from a mover SEO firm, your business gets a leg up on the competition and a faster, better way to reach moving prospects.

What Are Mover SEO Services, And How Do They Work?

When the average person needs a moving company, he or she will search online. After typing in something such as “movers near me” or “(city) moving company”, that user will probably click one or more of the first three search results. This is why finding a way to rank higher in search results is so important – it may be your only chance to capture the attention of a ready mover. SEO services help movers improve their online presences to rank higher in search results for better branding, more traffic and increased leads.

There are two main categories of SEO services for movers:

  • On-site optimization: All SEO factors that relate to how your website is designed and constructed are the on-site optimization factors. Accounting for about 25 percent of SEO, on-site optimization includes constructing your website with a clear hierarchy of content, keyword-optimizing content, using proper tags to communicate information about content to search engines, and making your site mobile-ready so that it can display on a variety of devices.
  • Off-site optimization: The other 75 percent of SEO relates to the quality and quantity of links pointing back to your site. For this reason, a professional mover SEO agency will also focus efforts on building links online. Creating quality, shareable content encourages other sites to link to you, helping you build online authority and credibility. Nonetheless, on-site optimization is crucial – without it, even good links will do little to help you rank for target keywords.

The Importance of Local SEO

Even if you run a national moving company, you can’t neglect a local focus because movers typically search for companies in their areas. Local SEO targets specific geographic areas with your search engine optimization campaign so you can get placed on Google Maps, included in localized search results, and noticed by people who are already looking for movers near them.


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