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You have a short window of time in which to reach prospective movers: You want to connect with them before moving, but after they know they need moving help.

In order to be the mover of choice, you first need to make sure they know you exist —that’s where mover marketing comes into play. By working with a professional mover marketing company, you can get your business and its messaging front and center with your target audience to lure them to your services.

The Value of the Internet

There’s more to mover marketing than what you do online, but it’s one of the most powerful tools available for good reason. Most prospective movers will research options online before hiring a moving company, which is why a mover marketing firm will help you focus on your web presence.

Internet marketing offers a way to utilize the Web as a lead-generating, business-building tool. Here are some key online marketing tactics.

  • Web design: Your moving company’s website is a chance to make a first impression with a large percentage of prospects. In those pivotal moments when someone first interacts with your site, they’ll likely make the decision to choose or not to choose your services. Therefore, you want user-friendly, responsive web design that highlights your services and compels visitors to contact you.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization involves content production that gets ranked higher in search engines. Through both on-site and off-site optimization strategies, you can build a more authoritative website that sees more traffic through search referrals.
  • PPC: Pay-per-click advertising puts your moving company ahead of the competition through campaigns targeted at specific, relevant terms.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing puts information about your services into prospects’ inboxes — so you can make offers, promote services and tell more of your company’s story directly.

Beyond Internet-based marketing strategies, there is a lot a professional mover marketing agency can help you do to grow business. From local advertising in stores, print and other mediums to holding or participating in events, there are many types of mover marketing services that can be effective. Your business could also become active on social media, which can be a low-cost way to reach your audience.

When you work with a mover marketing company, you have a chance to strategize about the best options for growth. With a personalized marketing plan, you have a roadmap for showcasing your services in ways to achieve measurable outcomes.


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