SEO for Musicians

Getting traction as a musician in a crowded industry requires a strong online following.

Your website is a key place where people can find and interact with you, enjoying your music and style, and music SEO strategies drive people to it. With the right SEO strategy, artists can:

  • Reach loyal fans
  • Build an online following
  • Increase your fan base
  • Increase sales of recordings and performance tickets
  • Improve your overall branding efforts

Yet for musicians, bands and music producers, the SEO world looks a little different than it does for your standard B2B company. That’s why you need the right music SEO firm on your side to help.

Proven Strategies for Music Company SEO

SEO strategies for bands and other musicians are not the same as the strategies employed by other industries, though the basic concepts are similar. To organically grow your reach in the music industry, you are going to need to focus on the following:

Targeting the Right Keywords

In the music industry, your keyword profile is going to look slightly different than the strategy employed by those in other industries. Rather than using your product (which in this case is a type of music) as your primary keyword, you likely will use your band’s name or the musician’s name. These are the terms most people will use when they are searching to buy what you have to offer. Add geo-centric keywords to draw traffic to local events as well.

Optimizing Event Listings

If you perform at live events, your fans are going to be searching for tickets or tour dates. Make sure you have pages on your site that you can rank for those search terms. Consider creating pages with information about:

  • Tour dates and locations
  • Individual performances
  • Ticket purchases

Optimize these pages with the help of a music SEO agency to ensure your website is among those fans see when searching for tickets or tour information.

Building a Strong Backlink Profile

The backlink profile for your website is a list of links people have shared that point back to your site. You need links from authoritative sites, preferably in the music industry or local to the geographic area you’re targeting. Having a quality product and clips or videos on your site that people will want to share is a starting point for building a solid link profile. Work with a music SEO company to ensure you’re finding all potential linking opportunities.

Going Local

Even if your band tours across the country, don’t neglect the importance of building a local presence in your geographic area through local SEO. Many bands become synonymous with a geographic location, and this can help your organic reach. Consider adding your location to meta tags, listing your site in area music directories, posting on local business directories, and incorporating local search terms into your content.

High organic visibility is critical for the modern musician or band. You put a lot of effort into creating unique, powerful music. Partner with the right music SEO agency to put that same effort into creating a search engine optimization strategy that works.


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