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With the advent of digital music platforms, today's musician needs a strong web presence more than ever. Without an effective website, a musician will easily get lost in the sea of competition.

Yet for many musicians, as creative professionals, making the design both creative and effective at converting site visitors into paying customers is not easy. Working with a music web design company will help musicians and bands create effective music websites that will help boost sales and connect with a growing fan base.

Making a Music Website Design That Works

For a musician, a website’s goal is to create a larger fan base, and sell albums or concert tickets. In order to achieve any or all of these goals, the website design must do the following:

  • Give visitors a clear idea of what to do — Your goal is unique to you, but you need to clearly define that goal and create a design that guides the visitor to a certain action. Whether it’s attending a concert, signing up for a fan newsletter, purchasing a song or album, or listening to an online library of music, point visitors to the action(s) from the home page — and every other page on the site — with clear, easy-to-follow calls to action.
  • Make purchasing music simple — Many music websites have an ultimate goal of selling songs or albums. Make it easy for visitors buy your songs/albums through the site’s design. An online store needs to include multiple purchase options, and must make it simple and logical to get to that purchase point. If visitors fall in love with your music only to find they can’t easily purchase what they want in a format that works for them, you will lose potential customers.
  • Offer intuitive navigation — Complex navigation confuses site visitors. Your website needs to naturally guide visitors from page to page until they ultimately arrive at the desired location or action. If you make your website design too complex, you will lose visitors and potential fans. Work with a music web design firm to create a site that gets your message across without being too complex.
  • Contain a responsive, mobile-friendly design — The vast majority of music lovers will search for new tunes on their mobile devices. Making a site that is responsive and mobile-friendly will ensure your site is one with which they interact.
  • Have professional, branded images — A music website must have professional images that are in line with the musician or band’s brand. These images are the online face of your music group, and they need to showcase the look and feel you hope to convey. Talk to a music web design agency about the best way to incorporate images in your website design.


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