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Today’s educational landscape incorporates digital and online elements at nearly every level, starting in primary and elementary schools. This fact, combined with the second nature of online work for today’s generation of “digital native” students, means that online schools are viewed as a more viable post-high school option than ever before.

Whether seeking online classes from brick-and-mortar institutions, or enrolling in online-only schools, students are attracted to the convenience and high quality of education available without geographic limitations. With this growing interest, online school marketing is a critical avenue in making sure that potential students looking for a school like yours are able to easily find you and understand what sets you apart from other online schools. Online school marketing services are increasingly prevalent in a competitive landscape where the vast majority of research is done via search engines, and decisions are made quickly, in the time it takes to scan the first several results.

Who Searches for Online Schools?

An online school marketing agency would identify two target audiences: high school students searching for secondary education options post-graduation, and older people interested in returning to school or continuing their education. Your marketing should take a two-pronged approach to reaching each of these distinct audiences. In situations where more than one type of audience should be targeted, an online school marketing firm will often be able to assist in ensuring clear messaging that speaks to the needs of each.

There are several methods of marketing for online schools that can be effective. Some of them include:


With the vast majority of online school research occurring on Google and other search engines, ensuring that your site is optimized to be found easily via search is a key concern. This means including useful informational content on your site, optimizing that content using target keywords, earning backlinks to your content, and keeping your content fresh and up to date across the board.


As a supplement to your SEO campaign, PPC (pay per click) is another way of getting your school’s site to appear at the top of search engine rankings. Different search terms are valued differently in PPC depending on how in demand they are, so it’s best to carefully weigh the investment you’re willing to make against the benefits you expect to see. When in doubt, an experienced online school marketing company can help.

Email marketing

If you’re able to engage potential students to sign up for an email newsletter or other updates from your school, you can also implement an email nurturing campaign to establish yourself as a valuable source of information as students determine which schools they would like to apply to and attend. Email nurturing shouldn’t be a salesy campaign, but rather a way of remaining front of mind throughout a student’s decision-making process.

Internet marketing

With Internet marketing, you’re able to reach potential students in all the places they conduct research and consume digital content: search engines, social media, blogs, and more. As an online school, it’s important that you present a well-coordinated and cohesive web presence to potential students, so they’re confident that their online education experience with you will be fulfilling.

Web design

Once a student visits your website, you have a great opportunity to tell the story of your school, and why they should choose it. Be sure that the experience runs smoothly — follow web design best practices and build your site to effectively present the information that a potential student would want to know.


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