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Online education is on the rise for students who want to work at their own pace or complete their degrees in record time. Without a campus to visit, an engaging website that is effectively set up for lead generation is a must for online schools that wish to appeal to these nontraditional students.

If you have an in-house marketing team, it may be able to create a nice-looking website for your online school. However, keep in mind that you’ll attract and retain more students when you hire a reputable online school web design agency with expertise in online lead generation to build your site. Either way, here are a few online school web design best practices to keep in mind.

An Education in Website Design Practices

Website standards hold true for your online school. Simple, mobile-friendly websites that are easy to navigate make the cut.

  • A secured website builds trust. Students will be uploading admissions forms, financial statements, personal data and homework assignments, so be sure to include top-notch security features on your site.
  • Social media equals outreach. Include social icons on each page of your site. Also use blogs, forums and chat boxes to connect with potential students. Include an email opt-in form, too.
  • An online catalog of course descriptions lets potential students know if your school is the right fit for them. Make sure your menu bar clearly navigates to class offerings and other pertinent information.

Cultivate the Classroom Community

To ensure your online school makes the grade, your website design needs to meet certain criteria to set your school apart.

  • Address student needs. High school graduates want an alternative to lecture halls, and older adults want classes that fit their work schedules. An experienced online school web design firm knows how to reach both markets and can set up appropriate learning portals for your site.
  • Create your school’s image. Share your school’s history and mission in a way potential students will identify. Include testimonials to boost your image.
  • Showcase your credentials. Discuss your accreditation, faculty and degree programs. Portray your online school as a qualified institution.
  • Boost your retention rates. Help busy students keep up with their coursework by providing online course materials and library resources. Engaged students are more likely to excel, so offer online tutoring, study groups and student/advisor meetings.
  • Emphasize your extracurriculars. Part of the learning experience comes from spending quality time with others. Your online school web design company can create opt-in forms for outings where students build relationships, discuss opinions and explore new ideas.
  • Promote your online activities. Busy students appreciate opportunities to collaborate and get to know each other online. Include chat rooms, forums and video conferencing in your website design.

Life is busy, but educational advancement is at the forefront of personal, professional and social growth. Your online school is the answer for people whose schedules are already full. Incorporating these best practices help ensure that your online school’s website will attract potential students seeking the education they need to prosper.


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