Packaging Email Marketing

Email marketing for packaging is a proven approach that serves a wide variety of marketing objectives.

In particular, email marketing is excellent for building customer relationships, expanding brand awareness, promoting new products and services and sharing industry knowledge.

How to Do Packaging Email Marketing Successfully

It’s certainly no secret that email marketing is popular — so popular, in fact, that it must be executed to near perfection if it is to succeed. In the packaging industry, where email marketing is commonly used, firms should focus on these aspects of a campaign to stand out from the competition, gain new subscribers, and make existing subscribers (customers and prospects, especially) look forward to each new email.

  • Use great images. Instructive photos of packaging products, equipment and applications — ones that highlight key benefits and features — are worth their weight in gold. First, many packaging companies fail to use high-quality images in their emails. Second, since online readers scan rather than read, relying on text alone means many subscribers will never grasp the key points of your communication.
  • Manage lists skillfully. Any email campaign is only as good as its list. List management is also where many companies fail. Important elements of list management include keeping the data current, having a strategy and process for building the size of the list, and for list segmentation. In packaging email marketing, segmentation is a very big issue, since subscribers can be separated based on product, industry, application, order volume, geography, source (e.g., trade show lead, cold call prospect), and any number of other variables. By segmenting lists, emails can be focused on particular types of subscribers, making the content more hard-hitting and useful.
  • Sustained effort. Because packaging companies are engaged in many types of marketing, they may grow impatient with email if it does not generate strong results quickly. Email marketing for packaging, as it is in many other industries, often requires several months to take hold. Many subscribers may start opening or paying attention to a firm’s email after four or five emails — but once they start paying attention, they may become loyal, engaged and responsive subscribers. In addition, testing is a key element of successful email marketing. Over time, as the campaign manager determines which offers, topics, subject lines and other variables get the best response, results improve. A month or two of emailing is not enough time to adequately test a campaign.
  • Produce an editorial calendar. All email campaigns should have an objective. For packaging firms, the objective is often as simple as securing additional “touches” to customers and prospects. In some cases, objectives are much more specific, such as a goal to increase click-throughs to a new product page of the website by “x” percent. Regardless of the objective, packaging email marketing campaigns stall when the team can’t come up with things to write about. The only sure way to avoid the problem of writer’s block is to produce an editorial calendar with 6-12 months of topics determined in advance. If this simple (but often overlooked) task is completed when the campaign launches, hours of time will be saved later, and the overall quality of content will be superior.


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