Packaging Web Design

Packaging is a competitive business. Customers have scores, if not hundreds of options, when they are in the market for packaging products, equipment and services.

A prospect’s first (or early) impression of a packaging company is usually its website. If the website doesn’t measure up, the prospect is likely to make the purchase elsewhere. Even for packaging companies that are sales-driven — and many are — the company website is still important because after the sales call, the prospect’s next move will be to check it out.

Important Features for Packaging Web Design

For a packaging website to generate sales leads, online revenue or just make a solid first impression, the website must have certain characteristics. They include:

  • Credibility elements. The packaging industry has thousands of highly capable companies that are small and midsized. Because they are not widely known, they must establish credibility on the website to overcome skeptical prospects. This can be done in a number of ways, such as with customer testimonials or mentions of awards and industry recognition.
  • Mobile design. Mobile Internet usage now exceeds desktop usage, with the gap widening. Packaging companies that sell sophisticated equipment or materials may anticipate prospects viewing their sites from a desktop, but that is probably not always the case. For instance, a packaging engineer doing research may first discover a site on his/her mobile phone, and then bookmark it for a closer look later on the desktop. If the mobile website experience is poor, it may not be bookmarked at all.
  • Content to complement the sales team. In web design for packaging, it’s important to avoid the temptation to say too much — this is especially important when a company has a field sales team to nurture prospects and close sales. Too much content, unless it is very skillfully layered in the page hierarchy, runs the risk of boring, confusing or overwhelming site visitors. A better approach is to provide enough information to generate an inquiry, and then get that form submission or phone call into the hands of a sales representative.
  • Persuasive images and photos. Photographing packaging products and equipment is challenging and very important. When photos and images highlight key features and benefits, they become terrific sales tools that can make the difference in securing a sales lead or an order.
  • SEO-ready. Most packaging companies engage in SEO (search engine optimization), as it is an excellent and affordable means of generating leads and online revenue. Packaging website design must include building the site a strong SEO foundation, so a campaign can be conducted after launch without requiring the site to be overhauled or worked around.
  • Adherence to best practices. In addition to these points, packaging web design must use best practices for usability, without fail. Important (and sometimes overlooked) design features include fast page loading, intuitive navigation, appropriate use of white space, proper color contrast between backgrounds and fonts, and easy-to-use inquiry forms.


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