Pest Control Marketing Company

The pest control industry is highly competitive. You've likely spent many hours working on catch phrases and slogans that will make your company stand out. Yet marketing for pest control companies continues to be a challenge.

How can you be certain that your business is the one potential customers call when your town is overrun by pest control companies? Here are some pest control marketing tips that may help.

Take Your Efforts Online

Internet marketing may be the key to your success as a pest control company. Why? Because the Internet is where consumers are going to make the decision about what local service provider to hire in most industries, including pest control. Make sure you build a website that features solid web design principles to effectively reach your market. Don’t neglect working mobile-friendly design elements into your site, because a large number of potential customers will search with their smartphones. Talk to a pest control marketing company for more information about how to build a website that will convert.

Keep Your Company Visible

After building your website, make sure your company stays visible to your customers. This starts with search engine optimization (SEO), which refers to the strategies you employ both on-site and off-site to help your website rank high in search engines. When people search for pest control companies in your area, you want yours to be one of the first they see — and SEO can help.

Before optimizing your site, create lead capture forms that encourage your site visitors to share their email addresses to unlock exclusive discounts or information. Once you have email addresses, filter them into email marketing campaigns to keep your company in the forefront of customers’ minds — and the one they call next time they have a pest problem.

Take Control of Online Reviews

Online reviews can make or break a pest control company. Make sure your site is listed with Yelp and Google My Business, and encourage satisfied customers to post positive reviews. If you see a negative review, address it as quickly as possible. The more “stars” you have next to your name, the more successful you will be at keeping — and finding — customers.

How can you avoid negative reviews? Send a follow-up email after you complete a job, asking for feedback. Any customer concerns or issues should be quickly addressed. No one expects perfection, but your customers do expect attention and responsiveness. Responsiveness will garner those positive reviews. Work with a pest control marketing firm to help learn how to manage your online reviews effectively.

Use Google Effectively

In addition to your SEO efforts, build a pay-per-click advertising campaign through Google. PPC ads allow you to pay for a top spot in search engines for desired keywords. With these ads, you pay only when someone clicks, so your money is going toward highly valuable traffic. These are people who need the pest control services you offer. Maximize your keyword choices by using a pest control marketing agency to set up and manage your PPC campaigns.


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