Pest Control Web Design Company

By the time someone realizes a need for pest control, it’s often too late to wade through dozens of options. This is why the company that typically gets the business is the one easiest to find.

If your pest control business is going to attract new customers, it must have a strong website design. People who are looking for pest control are most likely to turn to the Internet — when they land on your site, you’ll have only a few moments to convert them into clients. This means the first impression you make through your website can be the determining factor in whether or not you get the call.

The Advantage of Pest Control Web Design Services

To build the kind of website that attracts customers, you need strategic website design. Everything from your site’s organization to its images plays a part in creating credibility with prospects and helping grow your client base. When you enlist the support of a pest control web design company, it will aim to create a site that incorporates the best practices for pest control web design. A professional pest control web design agency knows your site can be the tool to increase conversions and attract customers.

Best Practices for Pest Control Web Design

What are some of the components a professional pest control web design firm will want to implement in your site? How do you create a website that draws more prospects to your business? Here’s a checklist of must-have features:

  • Responsive design. Since so many of today’s Internet users are on smartphones or other mobile devices, your website needs to be mobile-friendly.
  • A simple navigation menu. Include only the most important website pages in your site’s navigation menu, keeping the total number of main links to six or fewer. If you need more, a pest control web design firm can help you determine which items to give preferential treatment.
  • Professional images. Skip the stock photos when you want to stand out online. Use attractive, high-resolution images that tell visitors more about your services, staff, area, etc.
  • Specific service pages. Do you work with residential or commercial clients — or both? What types of pests do you treat? Create individual pages for each service and target audience, which allows you to communicate better with customers and optimize your site for specific keywords.
  • Location information. If you’re like a lot of pest control companies, you work within a specific region — so target the customers in your area by featuring location information prominently throughout your site. Build pages about each city you serve, for example, and put a map of your service areas on your contact page. To reach a local audience, you want local information to be prominent.
  • Customer testimonials. When someone is on the fence about whether or not to contact your business, reading about other people’s positive experiences can be the tool to swing them in your favor.
  • Clear calls to action. If you want visitors to contact you for an appointment, lead them to do it. Use clear, compelling language that entices prospects to fill out a form or call you, and pair that language with links or buttons that make it fast and easy to complete the goal.
  • Prominent contact info. Put your contact info front and center, where no one can miss it. Make a “contact” link the last item in your navigation menu, and display your phone number at the top right side of your web pages.


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