Pharmaceutical Web Design Firm

Each year, $450 billion is spent on medications in the United States. The global pharmaceutical industry is worth $1.105 billion. These are staggering numbers that show the sheer size of the pharmaceutical industry. Being competitive in an industry that large and saturated requires a strong online presence, which starts with an effective website design.

Unique Concerns for Pharmaceutical Web Design

Building a website for a pharmaceutical company requires a clear understanding of the mindset of the target customers — whether it’s a physician who prescribes the drugs/products, or customers who are researching treatment options and/or using the drugs/products. A pharmaceutical web design agency can help a pharmaceutical company find the key components to make a website effective at reaching a target market and transforming them into paying customers. Some of these include:

  • Ability to reach mobile viewers

Every year, an increasing amount of website traffic moves from desktops and laptops to phones and tablets. Even pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to this change, because their customers are going to be using mobile devices to research drugs and treatment options. An effective pharmaceutical website will include mobile-friendly or responsive design in order to effectively reach those leads and turn them into customers.

  • Clear navigation

The pharmaceutical industry can be confusing to navigate, but a company’s website shouldn’t be. The website’s overall navigation system should logically guide patients and medical providers to the information they need in order to make informed decisions. It should also naturally guide readers to a purchase point, helping convert more site visitors into sales. A pharmaceutical web design company can help achieve this level of effective navigation.

  • Content for both target audiences

Pharmaceutical companies are targeting both physicians and patients, and content on the site needs to reflect this. Sometimes this requires parallel sites, one geared toward physicians and one that is patient-facing. Content for patients must be written in layman’s terms, while content for physicians needs to be clear and to the point. Working with a pharmaceutical web design firm will help ensure that the site’s content is effectively reaching its target market, generating buzz about the medications or treatments in an effective way that drives people to make a purchase or talk to their doctors.

  • Credibility elements

Pharmaceutical companies must build trust with site visitors. This requires credibility elements that will make the company and its medications or treatments appear valid and effective. Patient testimonials and explanatory videos can be effective tools for the consumer marketing side, while physicians will be more interested in clinical trial results, FDA-approval status and effectiveness studies. All encourage action that leads to increased sales. Any unique claims by the company or its products need to be clearly defined throughout the website design in order to effectively reach visitors.


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