Physical Therapy Marketing Company

For a physical therapy practice looking to attract patients and grow its business, physical therapy marketing is a must. Why? Primarily through smart, strategic marketing for physical therapy, specialists can set their practices apart in the marketplace, and take steps that generate and convert leads.

Challenges to Physical Therapy Marketing

Today’s health care market gives patients a lot of options. While that’s great news for care quality, it’s also tough news for therapists looking to attract new patients. More competition means more of a need to distinguish a practice in the marketplace, and more pressure to compete with other providers. Other challenges include higher consumer demands, shrinking physical therapy budgets and confusion with how to market one’s services. Keeping all of these challenges in mind can help a physical therapy office, and with the help of a physical therapy marketing firm, know where to focus its efforts in marketing campaigns.

Working With a Physical Therapy Marketing Company

For many physical therapy practices, connecting with a physical therapy marketing company can make a difference in moving forward professionally. A physical therapy marketing agency will be knowledgeable about the industry, experienced at evaluating competitors, and capable of customizing a marketing plan to an individual physical therapy practice. This gives physical therapists a leg up on the competition and a better strategy for finding new patients. Moreover, it can help measure results — in that every click, email and response is accounted for — in order to improve outcomes.

Leading Physical Therapy Marketing Services

When it comes to promoting physical therapy services and building a stronger brand, there are a variety of physical therapy marketing services that can be useful. Some of these strategies include:

  • Email Marketing: To stay in touch with existing clients, send relevant content to prospective clients and promote the latest programs or services at a physical therapy practice, email marketing is a great resource — as it sends targeted content to recipients’ inboxes. For the best results, a therapist needs a strategic email campaign, which is what a physical therapy marketing agency can provide.
  • Content Marketing: Online and offline content marketing can go a long way toward establishing authority and positioning a practice as an expert in physical therapy. With the help of a physical therapy marketing firm, a business can better strategize content to optimize results.
  • Responsive Web Design: With so many prospects spending time online, Internet marketing is more important than ever. Therapists can connect online with a limitless number of prospects, especially those who visit their websites. With that in mind, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offer the potential for increased online visibility and generation of more traffic.

The optimal combination of strategies for a physical therapy office depends on many factors, which is why partnering with a skilled marketing agency can have a major impact. It takes the guesswork out of marketing, and empowers a practice to know how to move forward to achieve the best results.


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