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As a physician, what is your biggest marketing goal? To attract more patients to your practice? To attract more of the specific types of patients with whom you most enjoy working?

Or to become a recognized authority in your field, and land speaking engagements and other exciting opportunities? Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that can help you achieve any or all of these goals.

A physician SEO firm will use a variety of strategic and technical SEO techniques to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines. Here are some examples.

4 Top SEO Tips for Physicians

  • Pick the right keywords. The keywords used on your site are a big factor in determining who finds you online. Think about who you’d like to attract, and what search terms they would use to find you. For most physicians, it’s best to focus on your local area, as well as your specialties, specific disorders you treat, and certifications. For example, “Austin pediatric oncologist” or “heart disease doctors in Phoenix”. Be careful, though — some keywords have so much competition that it doesn’t pay to target them. A physician SEO company can research which keywords are most optimal for you.
  • Cultivate positive reviews. The first thing most people do when they are looking for a doctor is to ask their family and friends for referrals. Interestingly, though, 88 percent of people say they trust online reviews as much as they do word of mouth. If you haven’t, to this point, asked your satisfied patients to leave a review on sites such as Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and Healthgrades, it’s time to start!
  • Start blogging. Consistent blogging is a great SEO and lead generation tool for physicians for many reasons. It adds fresh content to your site, which search engines love. It helps increase the trust factor in existing and potential patients. It builds your authority as a physician. And when you publish great content, you may even find that other people link to your blogs, which is one of the most powerful things that can happen to build site authority. Be sure to publish useful, informative, original information — you can always hire a physician SEO agency to help if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself.
  • Get backlinks and local citations. As mentioned, links from other sites are great for SEO. So are local citations, which are online mentions of your business name, address and phone number. Here are a few ways to get these.
  • Add your business to directories. Look for local directories, health and wellness directories, and business directories such as Yelp and Merchant Circle.
  • Create a Google My Business listing. Fill it out completely and upload professional photos of your practice and staff. Be sure to use the same name address, and phone number format as on all other directory listings.
  • Ask for backlinks. Check with any local or professional groups of which you’re a member or have certifications with, and see if they will link to your site or provide a citation. If you publish great information on your site, you can also reach out to popular bloggers and offer yourself as a medical information resource for their readers.
  • Write guest articles. Reach out to popular local, lifestyle, health and wellness, or professional sites and blogs — and offer to contribute content. Most will include a link to your site in your bio section. This technique can result in a lot of visitors finding your site, and can be a great way to attract new patients and professional opportunities.

Some SEO techniques (such as blogging and backlink creation) can be time-consuming; a good physician SEO firm can be a great help in doing it effectively and efficiently without draining the resources of your staff. Either way, with a bit of patience, your SEO campaign — which grows in effectiveness the longer it is in place — can be a fantastic source of business for your medical practice.


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