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Health care is a competitive industry, and as a physician you need to be very clear in targeting your ideal patients. Your website design should provide pertinent information to position you as an expert in your field, generate and convert leads, and build your practice. Here are some web design tips to help bring patients to your door.

As a Doctor, Your Brand Is You

Your website is your virtual office, so it should reflect your physical office in style and atmosphere. Your website design, logo, color scheme, fonts and voice should mirror what patients experience when they visit your office.

Next, be sure all the essentials are easy to find on your site:

  • Include your phone number, chat box, email and office hours on every page of your website so prospective patients can communicate with you easily.
  • Include your social media icons in the header or sidebar.
  • Add a road map with directions for your patients’ convenience.
  • Complete your branding efforts with staff profiles and photos to help new patients put faces to names and lower their stress levels when you welcome them to your office.
  • You might also want to post a professional photo of your office on the home page header. This will let existing patients know instantly they’ve found the right site, and will help reduce first-visit anxiety for new patients.

Above all, make it easy for your visitors to learn about your practice. An intuitive navigation menu bar is essential to help visitors quickly find the answers they’re seeking. Be sure your physician web design company creates a mobile-friendly site for you; most people use mobile devices to search for local health care services.

Your Practice Depends on Your Reputation

A physician web design firm knows how to use your online presence to express your enthusiasm for your work and build your reputation. Some places to do this include:

  • Your “About” page. Talk about your education, your hopes and dreams, your vision for the future of your practice. What qualifies you to serve your patients? What are your specialties? What services do you provide that outshine other physicians in your field of expertise?
  • Your “Mission” page. When you talk openly about your purpose, you’ll find your website visitors are eager to become your patients.
  • Your blog. The right physician web design agency will be able to provide information-packed blog posts about your specialties to position you as a competent and knowledgeable expert. It will also help your search engine rankings so more patients find you online.
  • Add an “FAQ” page. Answering simple questions about your practice helps put prospective patients at ease and saves phone time for your receptionist.
  • Testimonials. These personalized recommendations are your best asset for building your brand and reputation, so use them generously across your website.

Your agency can also ensure your website is fully HIPAA compliant so patients feel confident their personal information is securely protected.

Building Your Site

Now that you are aware of some of the essential best practices to include on your website, it’s time to create it! You’ll find that a physician web design agency will get you better results. Web design is a complex skill, and a reputable firm will provide all the expertise you need to create your authentic brand, reach your target market, keep your practice secure and compliant, establish your reputation, and build your business so you can spend your time and energy taking care of your patients.


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