PPC Management Pricing

PPC management pricing varies depending on the complexity and scope of the campaign. The more keywords involved and the fiercer the competition, the more time, work and strategizing are required to meet your campaign objectives for click-throughs and conversions.

But regardless of the scope and challenges of your campaign, our trained PPC team applies all of its skill and experience to make sure your entire PPC cost is a solid investment in lead generation or online revenue generation.

PPC Management Fees

There are two parts of our PPC management cost structure:

  1. A one-time setup fee is applied at the outset of the campaign, which covers all of the prep work we need to do prior to a launch or relaunch. Setup fees are always different because the amount of setup work varies depending on the situation. For instance, e-commerce stores with hundreds of SKUs spending $10,000 per month require more preliminary work than a local plumber marketing in one or two suburban cities spending $1,000 per month. If you’d like to get a budgetary estimate of the setup fee for your campaign, please request a quote.
  2. Monthly PPC management fees cover all of the work our team does month in and month out to meet — or exceed — your campaign objectives. Generally, management fees are proportional to the ad budget established for your campaign, that is, the money you pay directly to Google and other advertising platforms. Our monthly PPC management fees are $500 or 15% of your monthly media budget, whichever is greater.

Why You Get More for Your Money With Straight North

You may have noticed that PPC agency pricing is all over the board. But the key to successful PPC is not to get the lowest PPC management pricing, but to get the best value — $250 spent on a poorly managed campaign is $250 wasted, whereas $500 spent on a well-managed campaign will generate leads, online revenue and positive ROI.

Our campaign management capabilities and track record stand out in the industry. We aim to turn every penny of your PPC cost into PPC ROI. With years of experience, we have developed a proven system of campaign management that is far more efficient and rapidly improving than the norm. Here’s a client that’s enjoying a near 200 percent increase in conversions. Here’s another client with an over 1,500 percent increase in leads.

Two of our capabilities that will have the most impact on your campaign:

  1. Lead validationWe are the only PPC agency that validates leads in real time. Our team separates non-lead conversions (for example, spam and customer service inquiries) from true sales leads. Besides making our reporting far more accurate, validation enables our campaign managers to improve your campaign much faster than usual, because we are basing campaign changes on variables that impact sales leads rather than conversions. And this is a big issue: Our analysis of more than a million sales leads shows that about half of all conversions are not leads!
  2. Ongoing ad and landing page testing. We apply our super-accurate lead data to sophisticated, ongoing testing of critical ad and landing page variables. All of our testing combines industry best practices with the tactical skill and insight our team has acquired over the years. We prioritize testing targets based on their potential impact on conversions, starting with the most important and working our way through the list. The result: click-throughs and conversions grow steadily — and often dramatically.


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