SEO for Professional Services

Companies offering professional services can use SEO to build a large pipeline of prospective clients, provided the professional services SEO company creates and executes the right strategy. This is not an easy task, since SEO offers numerous options in both on-site and off-site activities.

Here are most important issues for your professional services SEO company to consider while developing an strategy:

  • The first place to focus on is your website. Is it SEO-ready? For many professional services companies, the answer is no. Before launching a campaign, your professional services SEO firm resolves issues regarding:
  • Page loading speed. This is a very important ranking factor for Google.
  • Mobile-friendly design. This is an even more important ranking factor.
  • Technical shortcomings such as broken links, duplicate content and improperly set up page redirects.
  • Content missing for primary SEO keywords, and/or pages of content that attempts to optimize too many keywords.
  • Another critical issue is deciding whether to construct a local SEO campaign, a national SEO campaign, or a mixture. Factors going into this decision include:
  • Whether your prospective clients are locally or nationally based
  • Whether your national firm would benefit from targeting specific geographic areas
  • Whether your local firm can identify enough local keywords to drive a critical mass of traffic
  • Also important, naturally, is the size of your SEO campaign budget. Small and midsize professional services firms often sign up for low-price, pre-packaged SEO services — which almost always fail. Every business engaged in SEO needs services customized to put emphasis in the right areas, which are never exactly the same. In addition, the budget must be large enough to support a level of execution capable of producing that all-important critical mass of organic traffic — and leads.
  • For most professional services companies, the SEO campaign will involve the following ongoing activities, with emphasis depending where your SEO profile is strong and weak.
  • Creating new on-site content to improve rankings for pages associated with your targeted keywords.
  • Creating and marketing content off-site, to online publishers with high authority and relevance. This content is used to attract backlinks, a very important ranking factor.
  • Continual monitoring of your website to ensure nothing has broken to impede Google’s ability to crawl the site.
  • For local SEO campaigns, cultivating positive online reviews (both on-site and off-site), as well as searching for opportunities to list your website in relevant, authoritative directories and business/industry websites.

Strong organic visibility on Google and other major search engines not only drives traffic and prospective leads, it also adds to your credibility. Most search engine users associate reliability and expertise with a good showing in organic search. For many small and midsize professional services firms, establishing credibility is often half the battle in earning new business.


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